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Nigel's Winter Solstice Mixtape 2012

Can't believe I got this out on the actual day of the solstice. It's one of the rare moments in my life where I started something and finished it.

Just go to my solstice mix tape directory @ to get the latest .zip (filename of 19 DRM free 192kbps mp3s I'm sharing in good faith with friends and family.

As a super extra added bonus this holiday season I am releasing a mix tape from this past Spring Equinox 2012 which is available in my Equinox directory @ as a .zip (filename

I was just too lazy to release it back in March. I also neglected to make mixes for the summer and fall of this past year due to some serious lollygagging around :)

All the mixes you'll find in those directories should fit onto a normal 80 minute / 700 MB audio CD.

Enjoy your post Mayan apocalyptic life! Be good!

The Winter Solstice 2011 Mix Is Online

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I actually finished this on time for the Solstice on Dec. 21 but haven't been able to publish until today. Sorry it's late but better than never.

There are 18 mp3's @ 192kbps. Enjoy! Go to where you'll be able to find this season's mix whose filename is "" Download via your fave browser, unzip, throw into your media player and tune out. Cheers and Happy New Year.

Nigel's Autumnal Equinox 2011 Is Up!

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Nigel's Autumnal Equiniox 2011 Mix

H/t Piknik, iPhone 3GS, Hipstamatic, Drive, and Cay for editing. Link to .zip file named NAE2011Mix is here: 16 MP3s @192kpbs Enjoy!

Summer Solstice 2011 Mix Is Up

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Point your browser to and download the .zip file called and you should be good to go.  Enjoy!

Photo by Cay.  Edit by Picnik.

The Spring Equinox 2011 Mix Is Up

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It's up! Grab the zip file from here. Enjoy the 18 mp3s @ 192bps.

Artwork photo thanks to Sam Nichol via Flickr.

! WS_2010_coverart.jpg

Click above and from the directory download the Nigel's_Winter_Soltstice_2010 .zip file. Add to iTunes and enjoy.

Thanks to Brian Gossett ( and for the artwork. The music I'm sharing is DRM free 192 kbps mp3 and purchased legally for my friends.

Merry Winter Solstice Everybody!

Nigel's Autumn Equinox 2010 MIx

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Several days late but my new mix has finally dropped.

Head over to and download the zip file named "Nigel'"

There are 15 mp3 tracks at 192 kbps. Enjoy.

h/t - I borrowed the above pic from Flickr user BURNBLUE.

Nigel's Summer Solstice 2010 Mix


A first for me. I normally do Winter Solstice mixes but a buddy (Jason D!) pushed for one so what the hell.

It can be found as a .zip file @ filename

20 fresh tracks as 192bps DRM free mp3s. Meant to be listened to in id3 track order. Aloha!

Music for my readers

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It's been a little bit since I've posted any mp3s. Some cool songs I've been digging lately:

Bowling For Soup - "Come Back to Texas" 5.28 MB 192kpbs
Kayne West - "Diamonds" 3.66MB 128kpbps
Kayne West - "All Falls Down" 5.4 MB 202 kbps (VBR)
Death Cab For Cutie - "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" 8.3MB 256kbps
Gorillaz - "Dirty Harry" 5.2 MB 192kbps

Yes I will remain a sucker for good pop and killer rap. Enjoy. Go easy on the bandwidth since I have it throttled.

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