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Solvang Century 2012

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Los Angeles Marathon Take 2

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After promising myself and Cay that I would never run another marathon after completing LA's in 2006 I will find myself breaking that promise this coming Sunday, March 20, 2011. I made the promise after injuring my left achilles tendon while training in '06 and I thought I would never be able to run long distances again.

Last year the LA Marathon announced a course that would take runners from Downtown LA to Santa Monica. The finish line is just over a mile away from my front door. I began training for last year's race after mulling over the psychological advantage I would have with the idea of "Running Home." I got to eight or nine miles on my training runs before my old achilles injury re-emerged and I was forced to give up.

This past August I had friends (JJ & JW) at work ask me about training and I became excited about trying again. I would have to change something about my technique to avoid injury and I chose to participate in the barefoot running movement in Vibram Five Finger shoes.

Running in vibrams I was feeling no pain but my training runs of 12 miles or more would prove too damaging to the skin of my toes and forefeet. I've heard from the running community that the Nike Free running shoes are a nice compromise between barefooting it and using full-heeled running shoes. I took a chance and bought a pair from Zappos in December. I also starting using Danny Dreyer's Chi Running (Thanks, NP) as a guide during these trying months. Since then I have been able to complete long training runs and I am signed up to go 26.2 miles as racer #11,361.

With this past Friday's devastating earthquake hitting Japan I feel compelled to run for a cause that may alleviate some suffering. I'm sure you've all seen photos and videos that will haunt us forever.

My Crowdrise fundraising page for the American Red Cross for Japan relief fund is here:

No donation would be too small. Please help the Japanese people. Cay and I visited their country in the summer of 2005 and we found it to be the most interesting, advanced, and unique culture we've ever been fortunate enough to experience.

As far as race day goes, you can follow my progress via Twitter, text messaging, or Facebook by signing in to

I'm very much looking forward to the marathon. A couple of weeks ago Cay and I went up to the Baldwin Hills Overlook in Culver City and from there I could visualize the race from Dodger Stadium to the Santa Monica Pier. I hope to have a peak experience and I look forward to sharing my results and info about fundraising soon after the race.

Day 6 of the Master Cleanse

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Last Monday after Cay left for DC I went to work and found myself thinking about doing the "Master Cleanse."

I've had friends (Ted, Manya, Adam, Tracy, others) tell me about their experiences with it and I thought it might help me with my eczema. So I decided since Cay was away and I was working 7 out of the 10 days required to be on the cleanse this would be an opportune time to pursue this endeavor with the least amount of impact on Cay. I made the mistake of not telling her about it until day 5 (yesterday, Friday) because I thought she would convince me that it was unhealthy and foolish. Upon my admission she got very upset with me for keeping it a secret and in hindsight of course I should have told her about it from the beginning.

Anyhoo I've been keeping with the regimen of the cleanse. I mix up some lemonade in the morning with maple syrup and cayenne pepper and along with mint tea, sea salt purges, and a laxative tea I have already seen some amazing things in the toilet bowl. I've also experienced a heightening of my senses and my skin has indeed cleared up quite a bit.

Day 4 on Wednesday was the worst since the night before I hadn't slept very well and I was in the middle of a difficult work week at Warner Brothers. Some of my co-workers were pretty worried about me since I looked gray. I felt much better the next day and today was also a good one. Cay thinks I should have waited for a hiatus from work but I chose to do it now since I think the distraction of work will keep me thinking of food and I can have the support of my peers instead of being home alone with temptation everywhere.

I've made it over the hump and I'm looking forward to next week when I'll have completed this journey and I can enjoy food, drink, and socializing more than ever. Our wine tasting on the 31st should be a cacophony of sensations for me.

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