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Oscars 2013 Predictions


Got around to seeing many of the nominated films this year.

For Best Picture I can confidently predict that Argo will win. I liked some of the other nominees more (Beasts,Django, Les Mis) but Argo is a lock.

Best Actress is a tough one. Odds are on Jennifer Lawrence but I'm hoping Emmanuelle Riva wins.

Best Actor for Daniel Day Lewis

If Supporting Actress doesn't go to Anne Hathaway I'll eat my remote.

Supporting Actor is a tossup with my money on Alan Arkin

Best Director I'm thinking Ang Lee.

Best Adapted Screenplay - Lincoln?

Best Original Screenplay will probably go to ZDT but I really hope Moonrise Kingdom wins.

Best Animated Film I pick Wreck It Ralph (sadly haven't seen any nominees)

Best Foreign Feature to Amour (should never have been also nominated in Best Picture category)

Best Visual Effects to Life of Pi

Best Production Design Les Miserables

Best Cinematography to Deakins for Skyfall

Best Costume Design "Snow White and the Huntsman"(?)

Best Makeup - Hobbit

Best Documentary - Searching for Sugarman

Best Film Editing - Argo

Best Score - Thomas Newman for Skyfall

Best Song - Skyfall

Best Sound Editing - ZDT

Best Sound Mixing - Les Miserables

And for the shorts I pick Fresh Guacomole, Asad, and Inocente.

Get down down.

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So that post I published with Cay @ Sea World wrecked my Movable Type 3.2 installation and that's why there's been no new content here for more than a month.

After many hours and headaches I am finally up and running again here @

Welcome back.  I'm going to be upgrading my site here and posting mucho content the next few months.  Look out!

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