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Oscars 2013 Predictions


Got around to seeing many of the nominated films this year.

For Best Picture I can confidently predict that Argo will win. I liked some of the other nominees more (Beasts,Django, Les Mis) but Argo is a lock.

Best Actress is a tough one. Odds are on Jennifer Lawrence but I'm hoping Emmanuelle Riva wins.

Best Actor for Daniel Day Lewis

If Supporting Actress doesn't go to Anne Hathaway I'll eat my remote.

Supporting Actor is a tossup with my money on Alan Arkin

Best Director I'm thinking Ang Lee.

Best Adapted Screenplay - Lincoln?

Best Original Screenplay will probably go to ZDT but I really hope Moonrise Kingdom wins.

Best Animated Film I pick Wreck It Ralph (sadly haven't seen any nominees)

Best Foreign Feature to Amour (should never have been also nominated in Best Picture category)

Best Visual Effects to Life of Pi

Best Production Design Les Miserables

Best Cinematography to Deakins for Skyfall

Best Costume Design "Snow White and the Huntsman"(?)

Best Makeup - Hobbit

Best Documentary - Searching for Sugarman

Best Film Editing - Argo

Best Score - Thomas Newman for Skyfall

Best Song - Skyfall

Best Sound Editing - ZDT

Best Sound Mixing - Les Miserables

And for the shorts I pick Fresh Guacomole, Asad, and Inocente.

Sharing my latest tweet


I don't remember when I first heard about "Infinite Jest," the David Foster Wallace masterpiece published by Little, Brown in 1996. I am a long time Harper's subscriber so I remember some of his non-fiction reporting pieces there ("Rabbit, Ressurected" and "Ticket to the Fair.")

Found a used 2006 paperback edition of IJ (with the Eggers intro) in my local used bookstore soon before his death in 2008. When the Infinite Summer project caught my eye I tried the course but only made it through day 17 before submitting to summer travel in Belgium and France. I brought it with me but never cracked it.

This past Spring I picked up the non-fiction collection of his essays "Consider the Lobster." It blew me away. This fall's publication by Viking of D.T. Max's new biography came at a perfect time for me to revisit the work of DFW since I seriously want to make it through all of IJ once or twice to find its rewards. Upon reading "Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story" I found myself lost in my own romantic ideals of what a great fiction writer's life is like. Reality hits hard in the story of his life and early death at 46. I couldn't put it down and I am eagerly delving back into IJ this very evening.

Can't wait to read every work of his that has been published. A great primer is DFW's commencement speech to Kenyon College to the class of 2005.

My new must do's that follow this reading:

Need to see "The Wire."

Need to read more Franzen, DeLillo, Dostoevsky, and Vollmann.

Need to see Lars Von Trier's "The Kingdom."

Get down down.

Post Katrina

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I haven't had it in me to do any blogging since the hurricane devastated the Gulf Coast.

More and more it seems like this country is divided along class lines. There are those that have enough to live comfortably and then there are those living in the 9th Ward of New Orleans. I hope the disaster affects change in our economic policies so that the poor and underclassed are given a fair chance at fulfilling their American Dream. With the Bush Administration and the Republican majority in Congress, I fear that there will be little change in our tax code that is so out of step with what's needed for our society to work more equitably.

There are a millions of us who are angry and confused by what's happened in the last two weeks. I got an email from a friend urging me to call for the impeachment of Bush. I would like nothing more but his ouster wouldn't change the fact that we need radical change to make this country better for everyone.

It's harder and harder for me to enjoy all the things in my life that so many will never be able to afford. A car. A computer. Leisure time. A house. Freedom. Giving money to the Red Cross is a temporary salve for me but deep down I know I need to do more in order for things to change. Every day while out in Los Angeles I see the urban poor. Normally I have to pretend that they are not there just so that I can go on living my privileged life but since Katrina I can't look away.

I've been staying clear of politics on this blog and in my life ever since the reelection of George W. Bush. I know that there are readers of this blog who voted for the guy in 2004 and I know I have my fair share of friends who will always agree with the posts I throw up here. Thanks in advance for staying with me.

The activist fire in me has been re-stoked and so I want to share with you some links that can't be ignored:

Keith Olberman on MSNBC - Quicktime movie from Crooks and Liars
Blame Game - Quicktime movie from Salon
Eye of the Political Storm - Newsweek poll shows Bush @ 38% approval

Wine Drinking Contest

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Nig3l's Flickr page

Cay has one more week of Summer vacay and she had the notion to have some friends over for a "Wine Tasting" which is really just an excuse to get a little schnockered.

Click above for the jump to my Flickr page which has a new set that I uploaded today. Thanks to all who came and if we failed to invite you it was an egregious mistake. It was Cay's first time building an Evite and I think we missed some peeps.


I finally got around to scanning the last roll of slide film this afternoon and the results can be found in a new set called Shibuya.June.2005 on my Flickr site. Click above for the Jump.

Had a great first show on Two and a Half Men last night. All went smoothly and our director Gary Halvorson got us done by ten o'clock which is really nice. I had a long wrap and I hung with some of the crew until around midnight.

This morning I woke up early for my first training run with the LA Leggers. I plan on running the LA Marathon on March 19, 2006. An email from my buddy William Brown convinced me that it's something I want to experience. (Published here without permission - Top Willy won't mind.)

After the run I worked on the basement until around one o'clock and since then I've just been scanning like a madman. Tonight we are going to take it easy even though we had plans with friends to go east. I hyper-extended my right ankle so I should rest up for this coming full week of work.

Hump Day

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Woke up this morning and headed over to the Motion Picture Westside Medical Center on Sawtelle where I saw a GP about getting referrals to my allergist and my dermatologist.

As many of you know, I suffer from atopic dermatitis and normally it's under control thanks to allergy shots that I give myself and some topical medication. Well I did a bad thing recently and I let my allergy medication get to room temperature overnight and you're never supposed to let it get un-refrigerated.

I went on using it anyway like an idiot and this past weekend after the algae swim my face swelled up and the next morning I could hardly see out of my puffy eyes. I don't think the algae got me going, I think it was all the swimming and drunken exertion that tipped the balance along with the bad serum.

My skin hasn't been this bad in years. I don't get to see my allergist until next week so until then I'm just gonna keep on bein' the sufferin' bastard that I am. Ah well. Things could be worse, I'm sure.

Got some links to share:

Yahoo! News Photo that Cay turned me onto.
Flickr: Explore!
Bad to the Last Drop ... Great NYT article on bottled water
Apple's new mouse ... H3llz y3ah.
Arstechnica's review of the new mouse.

Finally I'm sharing a song that Cay likes: Frou Frou's "Let It Go" 4.88MB @ 160kbps.

My first day back to work

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Well, I've had three months off so I shouldn't complain. <snicker snicker ha ha> Still it is a shock to the system to have to get back into the weekly rhythm. Driving to the Valley four days a week will be a bummer but two of those days I'm hoping to commute with my friend Dan.

Today I helped load in a camera package onto Stage 20 of the CBS Radford lot in Studio City where I'm starting the fourth season of Still Standing, a CBS show that has kept me in good work for many years. This coming Thursday and Friday will be the first episode of Two and a Half Men's third season. We'll shoot three episodes of each show and then have a hiatus week toward the end of August.

I wrote about the Complete Disaster two posts ago and I just wanted to share with you here the lesson I learned: Always have a backup. Most people recommend backing up to an external firewire drive that is larger than your hard drive. Remember to keep your hard drives at least 20% empty. That goes for Macs and PCs.

For good backup software for the Mac check out Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper! <via MacUpdate.>

You PCers out there running XP might wanna look into's page on backup software.

Oh and Jason Hadley over at Woodpussy and my contact with Robochrist (who have a show this Friday night) has turned me on to The Kingdom of Loathing which might interest you gamers out there. It's a free open beta comical RPG that has to be seen to be believed. I can't wait to find a Meatloaf Helmet. Jason is frumble and I'm Niggle.

The last thing I'll share is a cool mp3 I ripped from Demonoid. It's Fila Brazilia doing a remix of "Soul Sauce" from the Verve Remixed 2 compilation. It's 5.88MB and the bit rate is 192kbps. Enjoy!

I'm off to see Back to the Future on the Santa Monica pier if Cay gets home from her mom's in time. Hurry!

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