floor graphics in Fairfax

Alternatives To Traditional Marketing

A lot has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most of the world’s transportation, activities, and business.  As the USA starts to get more people vaccinated and everyday routines resume, companies have a prime opportunity to update their marketing tactics and boost sales.

floor graphics in Fairfax

Seeing how many states still have social distancing mandates, traditional in-person marketing campaigns such as canvassing or flyer distribution are no longer options for reaching your target audience and growing brand awareness.

Consider the following non-traditional marketing techniques to get your business back on track to pre-pandemic success!

Non-Traditional Marketing Spaces

Now that people have the freedom to move around in the world again, most aren’t paying attention to their televisions, making commercial advertising ineffective for most businesses. So instead, try advertising in spaces on public transportation, airplanes, and even public restrooms.  These are all areas people will be frequenting as pandemic restrictions ease and more businesses open.

If you are in an area with heavy foot traffic, consider visually stunning floor graphics in Fairfax.  This area, in particular, has a range of companies that can create instructive and informational floor graphics that lead customers directly to your business.

Mobile Marketing Options

If you are interested in expanding your online presence as a way of increasing your marketing potential to new customers, consider developing an app to advertise your product or service. 

An app can be as simple as a way for customers to check updates, order products, or read blogs related to products or services you offer.

Additionally, an app can create long-lasting brand loyalty and help generate profits from in-app sales and affiliate marketing or referral programs.

No matter what your marketing strategy is or will be, make sure that it represents your business’s unique brand and operational goals.