My Winter Solstice 2012 Mixtape Is Up Yo (+ a bonus!)

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Nigel's Winter Solstice Mixtape 2012

Can't believe I got this out on the actual day of the solstice. It's one of the rare moments in my life where I started something and finished it.

Just go to my solstice mix tape directory @ to get the latest .zip (filename of 19 DRM free 192kbps mp3s I'm sharing in good faith with friends and family.

As a super extra added bonus this holiday season I am releasing a mix tape from this past Spring Equinox 2012 which is available in my Equinox directory @ as a .zip (filename

I was just too lazy to release it back in March. I also neglected to make mixes for the summer and fall of this past year due to some serious lollygagging around :)

All the mixes you'll find in those directories should fit onto a normal 80 minute / 700 MB audio CD.

Enjoy your post Mayan apocalyptic life! Be good!

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