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I don't remember when I first heard about "Infinite Jest," the David Foster Wallace masterpiece published by Little, Brown in 1996. I am a long time Harper's subscriber so I remember some of his non-fiction reporting pieces there ("Rabbit, Ressurected" and "Ticket to the Fair.")

Found a used 2006 paperback edition of IJ (with the Eggers intro) in my local used bookstore soon before his death in 2008. When the Infinite Summer project caught my eye I tried the course but only made it through day 17 before submitting to summer travel in Belgium and France. I brought it with me but never cracked it.

This past Spring I picked up the non-fiction collection of his essays "Consider the Lobster." It blew me away. This fall's publication by Viking of D.T. Max's new biography came at a perfect time for me to revisit the work of DFW since I seriously want to make it through all of IJ once or twice to find its rewards. Upon reading "Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story" I found myself lost in my own romantic ideals of what a great fiction writer's life is like. Reality hits hard in the story of his life and early death at 46. I couldn't put it down and I am eagerly delving back into IJ this very evening.

Can't wait to read every work of his that has been published. A great primer is DFW's commencement speech to Kenyon College to the class of 2005.

My new must do's that follow this reading:

Need to see "The Wire."

Need to read more Franzen, DeLillo, Dostoevsky, and Vollmann.

Need to see Lars Von Trier's "The Kingdom."

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