Smile Ride notes part deux

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Day 4 - Wednesday, May 9. Cambria to Pismo Beach. (Strava map) Got a very late start. Left at 10:30 am knowing I had a relatively short 47 mile day. Little did I know I would be hitting head winds almost the whole way so the day of riding was more difficult than I had imagined. Rode through Harmony and Cayucos. All mostly flat. Had lunch in Morro Bay where a seagull lurked the whole time wanting. Found my way to San Luis Obispo and had a blast riding on Turri road that meandered through open fields and hills with zero traffic for over 15 miles. Had a nice wide shoulder and the sun was out. Brought the winter layers and a shoulder bag for storage. Dropped into Pismo Beach around 3:30 where Colin had us staying at the North Pismo Beach State Campgrounds. It was a gorgeous spot. We jumped in the cold surf with Dan the Dog admiring us and I did some much needed yoga. Colin spent his time on the beach yelling into his phone. I hand-washed my Rapha kit while Colin prepped carne asada tacos which are my favorite things in the world. We set up camp (tent went up in just over a minute - with practice we'll have it to under 30 seconds), cooked, ate, tried to fall asleep. Highlight: Turri Road. Low Point: My GoPro battery going dead so fast! Fecker.

Day 5 - Thursday, May 10. Pismo to Lompoc (Stava map) Up at 6:00 am since I wasn't really sleeping. Foggy, rainy, 50 degrees. Tried to make espresso but failed after many attempts. I was on the road by 7:30 and miserable the whole morning. Highway 1 between Pismo and Lompoc was mosty Agro-industrial traffic at that time in the morning so I was constantly getting buzzed by trucks and there was no shoulder for many miles. It was horrendous. The worst riding conditions so far. Passing through Guadalupe depressed the shit out of me since it's a town that is in obvious decline. Had a great breakfast in Orkutt at a place called Jack's where a travel writer named Barbara interviewed me and photographed me and my bike. Climbed up Harris Grade Road which was the best cycling of the day since there was very little traffic and it was a perfect winding climb up to about 270 meters. Had a nice descent into Lompoc and I briefly visited the Purisima Mission State Park. Colin got us a room at the Embassy Suites and I spent the afternoon doing laundry, organizing gear, and trying to recover. We had a nice meal at an Italian restaurant down the street called La Botte where I did some serious carbo loading. High point: The climb up Harris Grade Road. Low point: Leaving Pismo cold, wet, and miserable.

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