Smile Ride Day 7 - Carpinteria to Santa Monica

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It was May 12, 2012. (Strava map) Got up and out of the hotel in Carpinteria at 7:30 am. Had a pretty easy go of it to Ventura since I got a nice night's sleep. Had a meh breakfast in Oxnard Shores and then caught my second flat of the trip in Port Hueneme. Met up with Colin near the Rock at Point Mugu and we shot some great vid of me coming down the coast past the Rock. Truly a dream come true to have footage of me going past that landmark. Slowly made my way through Malibu and met my Strava hero Brian Perkins who was mashing away on his mountain bike when I met up with him near County Line. Split off from him at Point Dume to say hi to Steve Silver and I had a rest in the Malibu Bluffs park. I was trying to time my arrival home to 3:30 since there was a welcome home party waiting for me. Dropped in on Dean Makovske at Will Rogers State Beach and also took a break at the 5 mile out mark. As previously agreed upon I let Colin know when I was 5 minutes out so people could get ready. I rounded 2nd from Ashland and saw a few dozen folks out in the street in front of my house whooping it up. I rode by everyone and said I was heading to San Diego. Rounded the block for my 2nd arrival and from then on it was one long party that lasted to midnight. Such a great time. Had so many good wishes. I never even got out of my kit. Took me a long while to even get my riding shoes off. Daniel Sokolow had a few homemade beers with labels dedicated to my ride. What a cool thing to do for me. Found out the next day that we raised over 10K (40 kids' lives) thanks to a very generous old friend from Colorado. So proud to have done this ride. I have found that philanthropic work gives me the greatest happiness.

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