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Rough Smile Ride Route

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A friend of mine at work suggested I post the route I'm taking in case people were interested.

Day 0: Saturday, May 5 - Drive to Marin.  (overnighting @ the Reilly house?)
Day 1: Sunday, May 6 - SF to Santa Cruz - 82 miles (hoteling)
Day 2: Monday, May 7 - Santa Cruz to Big Sur - 82 miles (camping)
Day 3: Tuesday, May 8 - Big Sur to Cambria - 75 miles (hoteling)
Day 4: Wednesday, May 9 - Cambria to Pismo Dunes - 47 miles (camping) 
Day 5: Thursday, May 10 - Pismo Dunes to Solvang via Lompoc - 75 miles (hoteling)
Day 6: Friday, May 11 -  Solvang to Ventura - 76 miles (overnighting @ the Cruts house?)
Day 7: Saturday May 12 - Ventura to Santa Monica - 65 miles 

Would love it if anyone could join me during any of my rides.  Don't forget to support my cause at

Solvang Century 2012

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Smile Ride Launch

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Launching soon...

This coming May 6th through the 12th I will be riding my bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It's my own benefit ride for Smile Train and I'm really looking forward to the challenge.

The fundraising page for the ride is @

Thanks for your support!

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