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Nigel's Autumn Equinox 2010 MIx

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Several days late but my new mix has finally dropped.

Head over to and download the zip file named "Nigel'"

There are 15 mp3 tracks at 192 kbps. Enjoy.

h/t - I borrowed the above pic from Flickr user BURNBLUE.

Newest Track on the Expo Line

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Newest Track on the Expo Line, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

I was rolling around on my bike this morning and I found myself in Culver City where Phase 2 the new Expo rail line is under construction.

Remarkably there was an opening in the fence along Rodeo Blvd. and I was able to snap some pics of the new track being laid down. Click above to be taken to my Flickr page where you'll see a link to the set along the page's right margin.

As a resident of Santa Monica I am so excited to see this project come to life. Ever since moving to Los Angeles in 1994 I have been a strong advocate for more public transportation, especially rail. In 2015 I will be able to hop on my bike to 4th and Colorado (1 mile north of where we live) and be on a train bound for downtown Los Angeles and its connected outlying cities like Pasadena, Burbank, and Long Beach.

Here's a link to the project's web page:

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