Why District 9 Disappointed Me (Spoiler Alert)

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I have to say that District 9 is indeed a remarkable movie and it should be seen by all cinephiles. Many are impressed by its original story and its impressive visual effects.

Next I have to express how disappointed I was given its Rotten Tomatoes rating, a viewing of the director's previous work, and a few personal recommendations from friends who were raving about it.

I have to say the fist 20 minutes were absorbing, chaotic, and original. Once Wikum is infected I felt like the whole movie devolved into a failed narrative with a lack of sympathetic characters, unrealistic developments, and video game violence that didn't serve its story.


-Why would an alien species who possess powerful weapons, superior strength and speed, an intelligence to space travel and communicate ever be subjugated to a slum? This is the leap of faith I was never able to overcome. Overall my suspension of disbelief never took hold.

-What is the fluid? If it is of alien origin where did it come from?

-Why does it have two uses? (As an infectant and a fuel)

-Why did Chris the Alien keep it a secret that he had the means to move the Mother Ship off Earth?

-What's with all the cow heads?

-Cat food? Huh?

-Why is that alien wearing a bra?

-How come I can't stop thinking about The Fly? And Aliens? And They Live? And Alien Nation? And every other sci-fi movie I've seen. The work is incredibly derivative.

-Voodoo practicing Nigerians? Are you effin kidding me? The stereotypes in this movie were distracting.

-Why didn't Wikum go to hospital right away after being infected or why wouldn't his colleagues insist upon it?

-Wikum was serving eviction notices for the operation that was to take place in 24 hours and yet that operation never took place.

-Why did Wikum knock Chris out when they were about to escape together?

-How did the Mech Warrior come to life and kill off the Nigerians?

-Why oh feckin why did Chris the Alien leave Earth without his people?

I guess they HAVE to have a sequel.

Here is one person who will not be paying $11.75 for District 10.

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