The Novel Cafe on Pier Is Closing

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Novel Cafe, originally uploaded by Dan Phiffer.

We learned this morning with great sadness that our cafe across the street is closing next month since they are not allowed to renew their lease.

This place has been very special to Cay and I over the years. Almost every morning when she's not working Cay would walk across Pier Avenue in her pajamas and get a red eye for me, a vanilla latte for herself, and a glass of fresh orange juice to share. After getting to know the baristas and being good enough to bring our own cups and a glass, all of the above cost us three bucks. INSANE.

I'll miss the regulars. Basketball Jones. Downs guy with great taste in punk rock t-shirts. His energetic lothario friend who cleans windows. The quiet white haired painter. The intense bald Norwegian screenwriter. Homeless Inca dude who wears a Tricorn hat and britches.

Cheap breakfast. A good meeting spot. A place to read and write. Great desserts. Quirky local clientele. A 20 year institution. I'm really gonna miss it.

I wonder what's gonna take its place?

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