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My First Ride With LaGrange

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I've been wanting to ride this route with LaGrange for a couple months now and I finally felt good enough to give it a try. I got dropped pretty quickly once we crossed Hollywood Boulevard and it was a shame to have to turn around on Mulholland because of a road closure. We were supposed to come down Sepulveda but we had to descend on Coldwater through Beverly Hills. Saw an old friend and made a couple new ones out there. I'll have to ride with them again. Too bad their weekday group rides meet so frickin' early.

Saturday Ride

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Fun With My New iPhone 3GS

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My Mom and Sister Were in Town

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DSC_0065, originally uploaded by The Cay.

What a blast. My mom Monina and my sister Michele stayed with Cay and I from this past Thursday until Monday and it was a non-stop party.

We went out every night and enjoyed the riches of Western LA. The Galley. The Getty Center. The Novel. Casablanca. Topanga State Park. Anisette. Whole Foods. Mercedes Grill. Santa Monica State Beach. La Vecchia.

On Saturday we threw a little reunion party so that my in-laws, cousins, and my mom's classmates could get together with us and it turned out fab. Cay and I were taking pictures that evening and her set is here: 


Rockin' It @ The Dogtown Kibbutz

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We had a super fun party last night to celebrate our families visiting us here in LA.

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