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Haven't been tending to the blog recently.

I'm deep into work already and my free time has been swamped by training for a couple triathlons that are coming up.

Tomorrow morning I'm swimming a half mile in Venice, biking 20 miles to downtown LA and then running a 5K up and around Grand Avenue. It's such a blast. This will be my fifth season of doing triathlons and I feel very relaxed about racing.

Next week I do an Olympic length tri in Malibu where I will swim a mile, bike 25, and then do a 10K. The water is pretty cold up in Zuma and I'm one of those kooks who hates wearing a wetsuit for the swim. Last year I thought I would drop out in the first 100 meters since the water was below 60 F.

I'll try to post more here - especially since we are deep into the presidential election.

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