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I stole this from a recent Daily Kos post but I wanted to post them here so my readers can see for themselves:

Vid from Wednesday, September 24th:

Vid from two weeks ago: (~ September 10)

Let them load fully and watch them simultaneously. It's shocking to me that this is not front page news. That left eye of his is drooping big time.

Would love to see these clips in HD. Help a blogga out!

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My latest diggs:

Scribefire 3 Test #2

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Two more pics from Jill Greenberg:

Thanks to RM for these.

Scribefire test

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DSC_0087, originally uploaded by The Cay.

Above is Cay and I on the new Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel.

Photo by DJ Marcel Cacdac on Cay's Flickr site.

Testing testing. 1 2 3.

Trying out the Facebook app which should link this blog url to my Facebook page and vice versa.

Jill Greenberg's Pics of John McCain

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I navigated my way to The Atlantic today and saw this:

Followed up by navigating to Jill Greenberg's site @ and found that the pics had been taken down.

Googled and found this news item :

I offer them here in case of their getting pulled down from other sites:





Spore is the Shiz

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Above is a vid of my evolving creature in Spore.

Tina Fey Nails It

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Hilarious. If McCain is elected there is a one in three chance he will become incapacitated during the next four years. President Palin? OMFG.

Politics, Schmolitics

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Supreme Beings of Space

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tardigrade3, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.


Found on digg:

Catching Up

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Haven't been tending to the blog recently.

I'm deep into work already and my free time has been swamped by training for a couple triathlons that are coming up.

Tomorrow morning I'm swimming a half mile in Venice, biking 20 miles to downtown LA and then running a 5K up and around Grand Avenue. It's such a blast. This will be my fifth season of doing triathlons and I feel very relaxed about racing.

Next week I do an Olympic length tri in Malibu where I will swim a mile, bike 25, and then do a 10K. The water is pretty cold up in Zuma and I'm one of those kooks who hates wearing a wetsuit for the swim. Last year I thought I would drop out in the first 100 meters since the water was below 60 F.

I'll try to post more here - especially since we are deep into the presidential election.

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