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Girl Talk

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I've been into new music since I heard the Swarthmore College station WSRN for the first time back in 1985 (h/t to old friends Chris Marren, Phil Smolcycnski, Wayne Wiggins, Steve Rigby, and Tedman O'Hara).

I did college radio every week during the six years I lived in Boulder and it kept me very happy. Since moving to LA I've found myself enjoying KCRW and KXLU. In the past few years I've migrated to Internet radio providers like Pandora and

I usually rely on these services to get turned onto good music but this past week an old media gal, The New York Times, did a profile of a musician named Gregg Gillis from Pittsburgh, PA who DJ's and mixes mashups as Girl Talk.

Gillis has recently made his latest work Feed the Animals available as a donation only download.

I haven't been a huge mashup fan but this thing has me since it's impeccably done and refers to a broad range of music that has me grinning the whole way. By the time he mixes Kelly Clarkson with Nine Inch Nails and Elvis Costello 3/4 of the way in on "Here's the Thing" it's downright brilliant.

The sample list is here. What a great album.

Wikipedia entry with great external links on Gillis is here.

For the record I sprung 5 bucks for it so I could get the seamless mp3.

Baracky II

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Election season is heating up. You all know where I stand. This vid made me very happy:

Where Did Summer Go?

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Back to Work, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

These past two months have gone by way too fast.

I'll try to do a catch up entry later.

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