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Aloha, Pete

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UPDATE: I uploaded almost 150 pics to Flickr:

There are full res versions there and you can see them and leave comments if you login with a Flickr account. People with Yahoo addresses automatically have Flickr accounts. For those who don't login there is a full res version of the group pic on my website:

Many more pics and video of the memorial to come.

My Friend Pete Johnson Has Died

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peter, originally uploaded by The Cay.

I met Pete back in 1994 when Cay and I were living in an apartment complex of three buildings in Pacific Palisades. He moved in across the way from us soon after we did and within the first week he was throwing a dinner party mixer for all the neighbors.

Thanks to Pete we met people who would become lifelong friends and he was one of them.

Pete was one of the most creative guys I've ever met in my life. He got into photography, puppetry, collage, fashion, cooking, and more. He was also one of the most natural surfers I've ever seen take a wave and make it his own.

At the time of his accidental death he was living at the old Pacific Gas and Electric building in downtown Los Angeles. After leaving the Palisades he bounced around Topanga, Venice, and Beverly Hills. I heard that he was planning on moving back to the Westside and I would have loved to have seen him more.

Cay and I could always count on Pete to dazzle us with his wardrobe, his dance moves, and his eclectic personality. Every minute with him felt like an adventure.

He died on Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008 after accidentally falling from his fourth floor loft apartment on Los Angeles Street at 6th. He would have been 36 this April.

I love you, Pete! You will be missed.

Cay has a set of pics here:
and I have some pics of him here:

There will be a memorial paddle out at County Line on Saturday, March 29 with a memorial happening in North Hollywood. Details coming.

UPDATE: (copied and pasted from his brother Nate's email)
Please send this to everyone that wants to be a part of Pete's day. If you have any questions or concerns, please call me - Nate Johnson (818) 426-8534. Thank You.

Peter Llewellyn Johnson
(April 3rd, 1972 – March 23rd, 2008)
Please join us in memorializing Peter’s life on Saturday March 29th, 2008 at Deer Creek Beach on P.C.H.
(1.5 miles north of County Line Beach / 10 miles North of Malibu Beach )

We will be starting the service shortly after11:00 amand ask that all guest do their best to arrive a few minutes early to assure that parking and the short walk to the beach do not prohibit them from being a part of all the remembrance of Peter and his extraordinary life.

Anyone who would like to speak on Peter’s behalf is encouraged to do so and we look forward to hearing the kind words all his family and friends have to say. We only ask that you take some time to prepare those thoughts in advance, allowing all who do speak to have the proper time.

Also, anyone who would like to participate is again welcome to bring their surfboards, boogie boards, or just swim out solo to take part in a ceremonial releasing of Peter’s ashes into the ocean. Peter believed the ocean was his temple and where he found peace of mind. For this reason he will forever be one with his sacred love and be free to ride the waves for eternity.

At the completion of the memorial service Peter’s family and friends will gather at3:00pmfor food, festivities, and continued remembrance of his wonderful and exciting life. This will be offered to us all generously by Mike Muller and Nicole Jordan at their home.

The address is 22301 Schoolcraft in Canoga Park , 91303. Their home on Schoolcraft can be accessed from either Topanga Canyon Blvd or Shoup Ave. and is one block North of Vanowen St . If you do not have good knowledge of the West end of the San Fernando Valley we believe mapquest will help with more detailed directions. You are also welcome to call Nate Johnson (818) 426-8534 or Nicole Jordan (818) 378-1475 if further assistance is needed.

We thank you so much for sharing in Peter’s life and showing him you care by participating in this memorable and eventful day.

Memorial – 11:00am / Wake – 3:00pm

You See What Happens, Larry?

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NSFW or kids:

Embed link thanks to which was brought to me by my colleague and friend Mr. Trent Anderson.

Obama Is Hapa Like Me

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I am preparing an extended entry on race, religion, and politics in my own life and as a preface I have to share Obama's speech that he gave yesterday in Philadelphia very close to where I was born:


Transcript is here:

This is truly historic.

For the record he wrote this speech himself and all his advisors were adamantly against his giving this speech.

Growing Up Racist in Pennsylvania

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With all the talk about race, politics, and religion in the air I feel like now is the time to write about things in my life I haven't thought about in years.

I was born to a Phillipino mother and a New Yorker father in Philadelphia in 1970 and my family moved out to the suburbs southwest of the city in 1975.

At school and in playgrounds I was subjected to being called a "Chink," a "Gook," and kids were always asking me "What ARE you?" It bummed me out just a little to be "different" than the other white kids but mostly I was able to get past it.

I grew up a Philly sports fan and I had heroes like Dr. J, Harold Carmichael, and Wilbert Montgomery. My family had black friends and acquaintances but every now and then I'd be exposed to some awful jokes that were pretty disparaging and I can't count the number of times I've heard the word "nigger" while growing up.

Bike ride on the "other side of the tracks" where I was chased down by a German Shephard.

Pulling a knife on two older black kids at Media Elementary. Laundromat.

Blackjacked by group of black kids in a car who asked me for directions.

Racist jokes from my dad: "Monbacks, Checksinyets, Hodedos," The N word.

Got along with black kids.

Watermelon Man. Music. Bill Cosby. Eddie Murphy. What's Happenin'. Sanford and Son. Public Enemy. Bad Brains. Boyz in the Hood. Motown. Michael Jordan. Lou Rawls.

Los Angeles. Watts. Rodney King. OJ.


Is This For Reals?

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Hat tip to Dave Rothenberg and De Cay.

The line between real and unreal is hard to read on this one.

Olbermann Rises

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3ast Co4st Pics Are Up

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73290035, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Finally got around to publishing pics from my East Coast trip:

Flickr set: 3ast Co4st

No One Said This Would Be Easy

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I was hoping for a knockout punch yesterday with the primaries in Ohio and Texas but it didn't go the way of Obama.

Obama still holds a significant lead in pledged delegates and the ten states that remain look to be in his favor for holding onto that lead by the time primary season is over in May. Most of the Dem party and the usual pundits feel that the superdelegates will go with the the candidate who has the most pledged delegates from the primaries and caucuses.

I still believe Obama will be the nominee but it will just have to take a bit longer than I would have liked.

He'll be taking a shitload of heat in these coming months he needs to show the he's got the fight in him to make it all the way.

This is still very interesting and my addiction will be fed all the way through the inauguration.

What a Week in Politics

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Most of my readers know I'm a political junkie alongside Cay.

We're constantly trolling sites like TPM, Atrios, AmericaBlog, Obsidian Wings, Kos, NYT, HuffPo, WashPo, C&L and - begrudgingly - Drudge.

Yes it's important to be informed on the candidates and the issues but for me it is Grand Entertainment. This is the Big Show right now and a recent Veracifier/TPM video has it all in its operatic glory this week:

Josh Marshall is the greatest. I wish he would get over Hillary, though.


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h/t Cay

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