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Back to Work

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I feel very very very fortunate to be back working as a camera assistant. The work is great and I'm so happy to be doing what I'm doing.

Last Wednesday I prepped cameras for Two and a Half Men and we shot our first post-strike episode on Thursday and Friday. This past Monday and Tuesday our crew did an episode of The Big Bang Theory and it went over swimmingly.

There was a Los Angeles Times reporter on stage on Thursday and she pulled me aside for a brief interview. She pulled a quote from me for her article and it does a great job of reporting on what it's like to be back.

Here's a link to the article
. My quote is near the page turn. Can't remember if the LA Times site wants a password. Sorry if it does.

Great Microsoft Vid

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h/t digg.

This Is How I Feel

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Found on reddit.

My Last Day @ the Apple Store

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My Last Day @ the Apple Store, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

I will always remember my time there fondly.

It was so great to be working with such a diverse group of people and I loved most of the customers as well.

When I first moved to LA I got a job working in a book store and once I left that job to get into cinematography I swore I would never work retail again.

But with the strike hitting in early November I was one of those people who thought the strike would last through August so I went out and got a job to keep busy and meet new people. I would have made more money on unemployment but working at Apple seemed like a fun idea.

There was a four day training seminar at a nearby hotel and then I was thrown into the gauntlet of holiday shopping in early December. The store was always packed with employees and customers. During those weeks leading up to Christmas I was basically a glorified cashier but I enjoyed my time there anyway.

After the Christmas rush things died down somewhat and I was able to take advantage of some of the benefits of learning at the store. I ended up teaching a workshop on iTunes and I was on track to be a workshop teacher.

Everyone was sad to see me go and the manager has promised me a job anytime I need one. I'm hoping to keep assisting for at least another four years so I can become fully vested with my union's benefits and then I think I want to start up my own film and video production company. I've already got a domain.

And we're rolling...
Cold opening. Take one. [clap!]

Light at the End of the Tunnel

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DSC_0113, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Looks like the Writers Strike is over.


Latest is @ Deadline Hollywood Daily.

The last three and a half months have been very trying. I was laid off on November 2, 2007. I started working at Apple on December 1, 2007. $13.50 an hour isn't really doin' it for me so it'll be great to go back to my job as a studio camera assistant. I hope to continue working at Apple part time so I can benefit from its vibe and its benefits.

Back in November I shot a bunch of pics during a union walk down Hollywood Blvd. and since I never posted them I might as well do so now:

Writer Strike March Pics

I'm so frickin' happy.


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The New York Giants upset the New England Patriots in the NFL's Super Bowl today.

What a game.

It makes me think of this coming Super Tuesday and how an Obama win is Possible.

The Underdogs Can Win.

Si Se Puede.

I watched the UCLA rally live on CSPAN and I witnessed Maria Shriver come out and support O.

Cay and I got misty eyed.

Yes We Can.

For You Football Fans Out There

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h/t to Cay and Greg Enns.

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