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I've not done much political blogging in a very long time but with the Iowa caucuses happening tonight I had to get my own take on this election out here on my blog.

Let's start with the Republicans:

Mike Huckabee - I can see why simple, middle-class, and god-fearing Americans are drawn to this guy.  He spoke well in the debates and he's gone full blast for the support of Christian conservatives.  If you watch him on C-SPAN every other word out of his mouth is "God," "Jesus," or "Religion." Believers have no one else to vote for except maybe Fred Thompson.

Mitt Romney - When I saw the first Republican debate, I predicted that he would win the nomination of the GOP.  I am still holding to that prediction despite his drawbacks as a candidate (Mormon, flip-flopper).  Republican voters are going to come to his side because of his decent record as a governor of a leftie Northeastern state and because he has good looks.

Rudy Giuliani
- Too much baggage.  Too much creepy factor.  He can't win the South or the Midwest.  Murdoch's News Corporation will not be able to propel him to the White House no matter how hard Roger Ailes works to rig the system.

John McCain - The only possible dark horse to defeat Romney.  I think his age and appearance are serious drawbacks as is his gung-ho hawkish attitude toward the war in Iraq.

Ron Paul - Despite all the money and hoopla he has raised and the strong Internet presence this guy gets, he won't win the primary.  I think he may run as a Libertarian or Independent and this will only help the Dems.

Fred Thompson - LOL. Are you f***ing kidding me?  It's like he's not even trying.

My take on the Democrats:

Barack Obama - He's got charisma out the yin-yang and he excites people with his message of hope.  I think people may shy away from him because of his age and "lack of experience" but only time will tell if the the people of this country are ready for real change.  I'm hoping he gets the nomination and the presidency since for me he represents and embodies what we need most in a leader.

Hilary Rodham-Clinton
- The "safe" candidate.  The triangulator.  Bill's wife.  She has the strongest chance of getting the nomination but there are many complicating factors that might way her down in November if she's on top of the Dem ticket.  Aren't people sick of political dynasties?  What are we? A freakin' monarchy?

John Edwards - He could win Iowa tonight but he doesn't have broader support in the East, West, and the more populated states.  Despite his appeal as the strongest anti-corporate candidate (Nader supports this guy!), I don't think the country wants another Southerner to rule.  The balance of political power has shifted away from the South and I think that's a very good thing.

Joe Biden - Possibly the most qualified for the job but people are put off by his brash manner and sometimes high-mindedness.  He won't be in the top three tonight so look for him to bow out early.

Bill Richardson - Also a highly qualified candidate.  He was my early favorite back in the late Spring and early Summer of this past year.  He won't get the nomination but I'm looking forward to a high cabinet position for him - possibly Secretary of State.

Chris Dodd
- Charming and intelligent guy but his media exposure has been lacking for no good reason.  He'll be out of the race pretty quickly and I hope he throws his support behind Obama.

Dennis Kucinich - The one candidate whose positions I agree with most.  I'm a hardcore liberal and so he's my guy.  Too bad the media has relegated him to side show status.  I'm glad to hear that he has decided to ask his supporters to caucus for Obama if he doesn't get 15%.

Comments welcome.  I wouldn't feel right if I didn't provide one link to Obama's campaign which asks for donations that will be matched by another donor.  You can have an effect on this world and its impact will be doubled if you act today.

Gratuitous link is here
.  Nudge nudge.  Wink wink.  Say no more.

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