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Started my training as a Mac Specialist today at the Viceroy Hotel here in Santa Monica.  It was nice being able to cycle the mile since so many of my colleagues had to drive in from all over Southern Cal and pay far too much money for parking.

I can't be specific about my training since I signed a non-disclosure agreement but I can say it feels good to be doing something new and I'm looking forward to some good experiences.

The studios and writers have been at the bargaining table for a week and depending on who you listen to (I have been religiously reading Nikki Finke's blog Deadline Hollywood) the talks are either going well or they are doomed to failure (NYT.)

I will be making about a quarter of what I made as an assistant but I have to pay the mortgage somehow.  Maybe there will be room for advancement and a higher pay scale.  One thing that's nice about being employed by Apple is that I will have the option to buy stock at a 15% discount twice a year.  If I cash out the shares I have now in Apple and rebuy at the discounted rate I stand to make a truckload of cash.  I also get a 25% discount on the bigger ticket items so I'm sure friends and family members will soon be flocking to me for their Apple needs and wants.  The other perk of taking this job is I'll be exposed to the hardware and software I've been meaning to spend more time with anyway and getting paid for it.

Change is good!

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