The Writers Strike

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From this morning's NYT: "Writers Set to Strike, Threatening Hollywood"

Yesterday I went in to work at Two and a Half Men and it was quite a surreal day knowing that the strike was going to happen. The contract the writers have been working on expired at midnight on the night before so everybody on set was feeling like we were in limbo. All morning long there were rumours flying around about why Charlie wasn't at work. "Why bother?" was his take but eventually our showrunner convinced him to come in the afternoon and we shot a few scenes.

We were let go before finishing our day since the writers had to get to a union meeting where members overwhelmingly approved a strike. We will go into work today and finish out our episode and I think the picket lines will go out on Monday or Tuesday but for now my long run as a camera assistant seems to be over for the unforeseeable future.

From the article:

“I’m afraid that everybody’s in for a terrible time,” said Norman Lear, the writer, producer and entrepreneur whose career spanned the disruptions of the 1980s — when Hollywood weathered five strikes by its guilds — and the years of relative peace that preceded and followed that tumultuous decade.

I can't help thinking this might be my last day working in production. A sad day to come indeed. I'll skate on unemployment for a while but if this thing lasts past the new year I will be in for a career change. Maybe that's what my life needs right now but damn I was gonna have a really good year before this shit went down. < /me sighing>

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