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DSC_0102.JPG, originally uploaded by tedman.

Thanks to Tedman O'Hara for snapping the pic of me above. He's got some great photos on his Flickr site and I can't be happier with his results. Clicking on the pic will take you to his site.

That's me holding grilled venison on a stick. (AKA "lizard on a stick" for the kids ;)) The deer was bow-hunted the week before by a friend of the chef's and then marinated in honey, sesame seeds, and one other spice. It had to be one of the most incredibly wonderful things I've eaten in my entire life.

The venison was just one highlight at Billy Kirkpatrick's annual chili party which featured several other stunning delicacies such as Tedman's apple wood smoked brisket, smoked pork shoulder, smoked oysters, venison stew, Poppy's mac and cheese, a keg of Yuengling, s'mores, a raging fire, a bomb shelter, and good times with old friends.

It was the day following my high school reunions which were so fun it shouldn't be legal.

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