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Home, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Good to be back in Los Angeles.

I'm at home on the couch watching the Republican Debate and I'm thinking maybe Huckabee is going to take the lead in Iowa.

My trip Back East was more than spectacular.

I feel refweshed.

Heaven on Earth

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Heaven on Earth, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

That's me out in front of one of my favorite places in the world.

It's McSorley's Old Ale House in the East Village of New York City on 7th Street by First Avenue. The place is oozing with history and every time I come to NYC it is the first place I go.

It's been quite a trip so far. I had my reunions on Friday night, the Chili party on Saturday, South Philly and Society Hill visits on Sunday (Pat's Steaks!), and yesterday I took a couple trains up to the greatest city in the United States.

Arrived in Penn Station around 3 pm and took the number 1 subway line down to Canal Street in SoHo. My hotel is on Broome Street just off The Bowery in the heart of Little Italy and bordering Chinatown.

After checking in I walked uptown to McSorley's and had a few light and dark ales along with a lamb sandwich which was Perfect. After that I walked north to Union Square where I caught a screening of the Coen brothers' "No Country for Old Men." The film didn't really work for me but it was a pleasant way to spend the evening.

To cap off my night I had a wonderful meal at Giovanna's on Mulberry Street. Caprese, a minestrone, and spagetti with marinara along with a couple martinis, a glass of chianti, and the Village Voice. I hit the bed hard at midnight.

Today I plan on taking a nice fifty or sixty block walk up to Central Park where I hope to see a Damien Hirst show at an Upper West Side gallery and then I'll cross the park to visit the Met. Tonight I may catch some jazz at the Village Vanguard.

What a great time I'm having. Tomorrow I travel back to California but I will have had my East Coast charge for the year. Peace!

Having the Time of My Life

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DSC_0102.JPG, originally uploaded by tedman.

Thanks to Tedman O'Hara for snapping the pic of me above. He's got some great photos on his Flickr site and I can't be happier with his results. Clicking on the pic will take you to his site.

That's me holding grilled venison on a stick. (AKA "lizard on a stick" for the kids ;)) The deer was bow-hunted the week before by a friend of the chef's and then marinated in honey, sesame seeds, and one other spice. It had to be one of the most incredibly wonderful things I've eaten in my entire life.

The venison was just one highlight at Billy Kirkpatrick's annual chili party which featured several other stunning delicacies such as Tedman's apple wood smoked brisket, smoked pork shoulder, smoked oysters, venison stew, Poppy's mac and cheese, a keg of Yuengling, s'mores, a raging fire, a bomb shelter, and good times with old friends.

It was the day following my high school reunions which were so fun it shouldn't be legal.

Off To My 20 Year High School Reunions

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RJS 1987, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

I'm composing this entry via the iPhone in the United terminal of LAX.

I'm flying to Philly for two reunions that are happening tonight. I went to Cardinal O'Hara in Springfield,PA for my freshman and sophomore years. Luckily I got out of Catholic school and landed at Penncrest High for my junior and senior years.

I'll try to keep up with the blog on my travels to Philly and New York. My Flickr page will be active with camera phone pics since that is how I'll be primarily documenting my trip.

Happy Holidays everyone. Looking forward to the upcoming winter solstice :)

Chicken Balls!!!

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Chicken Balls!!!, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

We threw a party this past Saturday night and a bunch of old friends came over for music, wine, great food, and fun.

There's a set of pics here:

The Writers Strike

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From this morning's NYT: "Writers Set to Strike, Threatening Hollywood"

Yesterday I went in to work at Two and a Half Men and it was quite a surreal day knowing that the strike was going to happen. The contract the writers have been working on expired at midnight on the night before so everybody on set was feeling like we were in limbo. All morning long there were rumours flying around about why Charlie wasn't at work. "Why bother?" was his take but eventually our showrunner convinced him to come in the afternoon and we shot a few scenes.

We were let go before finishing our day since the writers had to get to a union meeting where members overwhelmingly approved a strike. We will go into work today and finish out our episode and I think the picket lines will go out on Monday or Tuesday but for now my long run as a camera assistant seems to be over for the unforeseeable future.

From the article:

“I’m afraid that everybody’s in for a terrible time,” said Norman Lear, the writer, producer and entrepreneur whose career spanned the disruptions of the 1980s — when Hollywood weathered five strikes by its guilds — and the years of relative peace that preceded and followed that tumultuous decade.

I can't help thinking this might be my last day working in production. A sad day to come indeed. I'll skate on unemployment for a while but if this thing lasts past the new year I will be in for a career change. Maybe that's what my life needs right now but damn I was gonna have a really good year before this shit went down. < /me sighing>

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