The Back 9

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Limbo, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

I learned today that CBS picked up the back 9 episodes for a TV show I work on called "The Big Bang Theory."

Above are the main cast from the show that will be half of my bread and butter for the next year (or longer).

Normally a new show gets an okay to produce 12 episodes when it first starts out and after a little while the network decides to order 9 more scripts to bring a season to 22. Our ratings are good enough for now and I hope it has a long successful run. I think it has legs.

12 + 9 = 21 but we shot the pilot last year so that gives the network what they need. I really enjoy working on The BBT since its characters are so much up my alley with their preoccupation with science, video games, and navigating through a society that sometimes vilifies the geek.

The good news could be short lived, however, since there is a fight brewing between the Writers Guild and the Studios regarding a new contract. In two weeks we'll know if negotations went well or not with the contract expiring on October 31. Halloween could be seriously scary for me this year.

If there's a strike, I'll have to get a JOB and that would be most terrifying.

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