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Inferno, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Cay and I woke up Sunday morning to an instant message from one of friends stating that the Malibu Castle was gone.

"What did you mean?" Cay IM'ed back and we were urged to turn on Channel 7.

Since then we've been flooded with images of the fire. 500,000 acres have burned. 1500 homes charred. A billion dollars in losses. A visit from the Bushie.

We haven't had it so bad in the LA basin or the San Fernando Valley where I work but I definitely feel the burn in my eyes and lungs when I'm outside. No cycling for me in the next few days.

It looks like the worst is over but what a blow.

Clicking the pic above will take you to NASA's 4000 x 3000 pixel version which is just astounding.

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