Haven't We Paved Over Enough of Paradise?

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Old Man's, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Spread the word, good people.

A group called the Transportation Corridor Agencies wants to build a six lane toll road through San Onofre State Park in San Clemente, California to ease traffic on Interstate 5.

If you've ever surfed Old Man's, Churches, Trestles, or stayed overnight at the San Mateo campgrouds, you know what a special part of the coast this is and why it would be a travesty to ruin its magic.

Please visit the sites below and write the Coastal Commision staff along with our state representatives (that includes the Governator).

The latest news is that the Coastal Commision has postponed its meeting until November. I'll post an update once a date, time, and place is announced. Now is the time for a reasonable voice to be heard.


Save San Onofre
Save Trestles
Transportation Corridor Agencies (Boo Hiss)
According to this editorial I am an Eco-Extrermist because I want to save a beautiful place.
LA Times article on the most recent California Coastal Commision report recommending against the construction of the Foothill South Toll Road.
Here's a set of pics that Cay took on our last trip down there.
Here are public pics tagged with "San Onofre" on Flickr.

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