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bravia-play-doh-rabbits.jpg, originally uploaded by dennyliem.

Click here to be taken to Sony's new Bravia site that is Flash Heavy but worth the wait. Once the page fully loads, click on the button that says "Watch our Play-Doh ad."

Many moons ago I posted a link to Sony's first Bravia ad (700 x 394 pixel 54.3 MB QT movie is hosted here by me so go easy - I couldn't find it published anywhere after a cursory search).  Since then they released a second ad that was cool but not as great as the first one.  The first Bravia ad benefited from the great cover by Jose Gonzales of The Knife's song "Heartbeats."  (lyrics here) The second ad's music didn't move me as much although I guess it is what they were going for with the ad's content.

I'm happy to report that the third installment is up there with the first one and I can't stop watching it over and over again.  You'll recognize the music right away.

I'm thinking of making the move to a high definition television in the coming Winter of 2008 and it'll be hard for me not to at least check out the Bravia.

[Kudos: I grabbed a few links for this entry off Duncan's TV Ad Land blog.]

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