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Inferno, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Cay and I woke up Sunday morning to an instant message from one of friends stating that the Malibu Castle was gone.

"What did you mean?" Cay IM'ed back and we were urged to turn on Channel 7.

Since then we've been flooded with images of the fire. 500,000 acres have burned. 1500 homes charred. A billion dollars in losses. A visit from the Bushie.

We haven't had it so bad in the LA basin or the San Fernando Valley where I work but I definitely feel the burn in my eyes and lungs when I'm outside. No cycling for me in the next few days.

It looks like the worst is over but what a blow.

Clicking the pic above will take you to NASA's 4000 x 3000 pixel version which is just astounding.

Twitter Updates

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    Obscene Mnemonic

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    Cay asked her class of Astronomy students to come up with an "obscene" mnemonic to describe the eight planets of our solar system.

    The winner was "Massive Vaginas Emit More Juices, Says United Nations."

    She's so proud.

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    Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

    Thanks to Trent Anderson for forwarding this to me.

    The Back 9

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    Limbo, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

    I learned today that CBS picked up the back 9 episodes for a TV show I work on called "The Big Bang Theory."

    Above are the main cast from the show that will be half of my bread and butter for the next year (or longer).

    Normally a new show gets an okay to produce 12 episodes when it first starts out and after a little while the network decides to order 9 more scripts to bring a season to 22. Our ratings are good enough for now and I hope it has a long successful run. I think it has legs.

    12 + 9 = 21 but we shot the pilot last year so that gives the network what they need. I really enjoy working on The BBT since its characters are so much up my alley with their preoccupation with science, video games, and navigating through a society that sometimes vilifies the geek.

    The good news could be short lived, however, since there is a fight brewing between the Writers Guild and the Studios regarding a new contract. In two weeks we'll know if negotations went well or not with the contract expiring on October 31. Halloween could be seriously scary for me this year.

    If there's a strike, I'll have to get a JOB and that would be most terrifying.

    Go Fuel Tech!

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    Fuel Tech

    Great company.

    From yesterday's Barron's:

    Led by utility veterans, 20-year-old Fuel Tech has spent years carving a niche in the multi-billion-dollar market for clean-air technologies The company has installed its systems on more than 450 units worldwide.

    During the second quarter conference call, Fuel Tech's Chief Executive John Norris promised an "exceptional" fourth quarter. This will no doubt be helped by more stringent air-pollution regulations, which are expected to spur power plants and utilities to turn to companies such as Fuel Tech to help cut noxious emissions beginning next year.

    I'm sure you've all heard by now that Mr. Gore won the prize for his work on climate change.

    Human activity is changing the earth's atmosphere, its land, water, rivers, lakes, oceans, reefs, ecologies, and species.  How can anyone take a ferry out to Catalina, look back at the port of Los Angeles and think there isn't a pollution problem.

    We're using the sky as our garbage can and it's filling up.

    I'm hopeful that new leaders will have a stronger influence on the future of global enviromental policy.

    Gratuitious Draft Al Gore Link Here

    Update: From Yahoo News and Reuters - Gore: No plans to run for presidency.

    Blog Action Day

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    Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

    Don't know where I ran across this but tommorow morning I hope to join thousands of other bloggers around the world who will be addressing the environment in their posts.

    Music History

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    Radiohead is releasing their latest full length album "In Rainbows" as a free download at midnight tonight and fans can pay what they choose.


    This is a sea change. Big Label record companies are Doomed and on their way to the trashbin of history.

    Update: Their servers are getting mutha effin KILLED. I haven't been able to get it yet... Heard three tracks on KCRW today and liked them all.

    Where I Live

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    Trying out a Google Map embed test:

    View Larger Map

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    Old Man's, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

    Spread the word, good people.

    A group called the Transportation Corridor Agencies wants to build a six lane toll road through San Onofre State Park in San Clemente, California to ease traffic on Interstate 5.

    If you've ever surfed Old Man's, Churches, Trestles, or stayed overnight at the San Mateo campgrouds, you know what a special part of the coast this is and why it would be a travesty to ruin its magic.

    Please visit the sites below and write the Coastal Commision staff along with our state representatives (that includes the Governator).

    The latest news is that the Coastal Commision has postponed its meeting until November. I'll post an update once a date, time, and place is announced. Now is the time for a reasonable voice to be heard.


    Save San Onofre
    Save Trestles
    Transportation Corridor Agencies (Boo Hiss)
    According to this editorial I am an Eco-Extrermist because I want to save a beautiful place.
    LA Times article on the most recent California Coastal Commision report recommending against the construction of the Foothill South Toll Road.
    Here's a set of pics that Cay took on our last trip down there.
    Here are public pics tagged with "San Onofre" on Flickr.

    This Is America

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    Don't Tase Me Bro (as Meme)

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    This will go down in history.

    Look out for t-shirts at your local Hot Topic very soon.  Found on reddit.

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    Filmmaking at its Best

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    bravia-play-doh-rabbits.jpg, originally uploaded by dennyliem.

    Click here to be taken to Sony's new Bravia site that is Flash Heavy but worth the wait. Once the page fully loads, click on the button that says "Watch our Play-Doh ad."

    Many moons ago I posted a link to Sony's first Bravia ad (700 x 394 pixel 54.3 MB QT movie is hosted here by me so go easy - I couldn't find it published anywhere after a cursory search).  Since then they released a second ad that was cool but not as great as the first one.  The first Bravia ad benefited from the great cover by Jose Gonzales of The Knife's song "Heartbeats."  (lyrics here) The second ad's music didn't move me as much although I guess it is what they were going for with the ad's content.

    I'm happy to report that the third installment is up there with the first one and I can't stop watching it over and over again.  You'll recognize the music right away.

    I'm thinking of making the move to a high definition television in the coming Winter of 2008 and it'll be hard for me not to at least check out the Bravia.

    [Kudos: I grabbed a few links for this entry off Duncan's TV Ad Land blog.]

    South Korean Soccer Fans

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