The Autumnal Equinox 2007

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Summer is over.

For me this is a reprieve from many obligations. For one thing it means the end of the triathlon season so I can spend some more time kicking back instead of swimming, biking, and running so much. I had my worst season since competing in these things but oh well. I'll do better next year.

It rained in LA this past weekend and it feels like the water washed away a layer of grit and grime that has been a stain on our lives and our streets. I feel very optimistic about the future since I can begin to see an end to the Bush administration. The sky is a brilliant blue.

This month is also significant since it marks 20 years ago that I met my wife and the love of my life, Cay Enns. I'll never forget meeting her on an outdoor basketball court on the campus of UC Boulder. I was put off by her forward manner and it would take weeks and months before I could recognize the fact that this was the gal for me.

Thanks for 20 years of adventure, love, laughs, and pure joy, Ms. Enns. I'm so happy to share my life with you.

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