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I haven't made it public to my blog readers until now but the fact is I did indeed buy an iPhone.

I kept telling people before its launch that I would be one of those people who was going to wait for version two before buying but fortune's fate intervened.

Two weeks ago Cay and I were meeting friends (Scottie and Viechel) at the Broadway Deli here in Santa Monica. Cay and I were a little early so we decided to have a drink at the bar. I sat down next to a guy who was reading the NYT and he had an iPhone sitting out in front of him. At first I complemented him on his reading choice and we talked about the print journalism industry for a few minutes. Eventually I gushed over his phone and I told him not to feel obligated to show it to me but he turned out to be more than happy to walk me through its features.

This man (Jim Goodman) was kind enough to let me handle it and I learned very quickly how incredible the iPhone turned out to be. He gave a great introduction to its apps and I was blown away. The UI was unlike anything I've ever experienced before. It's as if owning an iPod has been training me up for this. Immediately after lunch I went out and bought an 8 gigger at the Apple Store down the block. Smack!

I'll have some more thoughts on the phone later and some glamour pics as well. For now I'll just say I'm so fuggin happy to have one and I look forward to share my experience with others.

This post began as a Twitter Test but the iPhone story had to be told in order for this to make any kind of sense.

Twitter is a tiny little social web tool that allows me to do mini update posts to an account where friends and family can read what I'm up to and I can check out their entries, too. (If anyone else is a twitter user, my profile name is nigelstewart - add me) I'm hoping to update my twitter account with my iPhone just for yucks. I've likened it to an online Samuel Pepys diary for all the world to see - instantly.

Here's the embed test, finally:

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