Holy Crap I Just Bought a Benz on eBay

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1982 Mercedes-Benz: 300 Series Turbo Diesel Wagon

Ha ha ha ha! Got it for 12K so I am super happy. I've been hunting for these out of state for over a month now and it's nice to have finally landed one here in California.

She will be converted by Lovecraft to run SVO (straight vegetable oil) and WVO (waste vegetable oil - filtered) but until then I can get B99.99 at three local Westside service stations. Soon I will be off petrol (except for oil changes) for my transportation needs.

Right after posting this I am headed to Cafe Press for some BioFuel stickers I can't wait to slap onto my new Veggie Benzie. I feel like I am part of a new movement away from fossil fuels.

Great info here: Wikipedia entry on BioDiesel

And this is the page that convinced me to buy a diesel car: Car Talk Diesel Fuel Q & A

Interested in going Bio? I just used craigslist and eBay. Financing through Capital One.

I put a deposit down today and tomorrow I am riding the train up to Oxnard where Ed from Wady Motors will be picking me up in my new old car.

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