Digg has messed with my dugg list (UPDATE -They BANNED me)

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What happened?

There was a story breaking yesterday about how the HD-DVD codec has been bypassed.

The story got its start back in February on Doom 9's DVD decryption forum.

I first noticed it on Reddit and I eventually dugg a story that was accumulating diggs at a rate I had never seen before. I think it got to 5000 diggs in a little over an hour. I got Cay to digg it because I can't stand DRM. I don't even have the technology to use HD-DVDs but I am interested because of the future fair use implications.

This morning I went to digg and wanted to see how many diggs that story got by now and I couldn't find it in any of their most popular lists. Then I checked out my digg list and noticed the story had been taken down. I didn't know that this was possible until now.

I wrote to digg's feedback email:


I dugg a story yesterday and it's not on my list anymore. What happened?

It was a very popular story and it was on the front page for hours.

Would love a good explanation.


A longtime Digger.

Nigel Stewart
Santa Monica, CA

I am now going to submit this to digg, del.icio.us, reddit, boing boing, and kottke.

UPDATE: As of noon today my "account has been disabled due to misuse." Holy crap I've never been BANNED from something before. Odd that it happens over a free speech issue.

Cool T-shirt that I might buy now.

UPDATE 2: Two cool articles have gone up very recently: Download Squad and cjmillstock.

UPDATE 3: Digg shovels shit. And ytmnd.com responds.

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