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After the Fire

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GRIFFITH PARK - AFTER THE FIRE, originally uploaded by colin.brown.

My buddy Colin Brown toured Griffith Park with his camera a few days after the fire.

His images are striking and surreal. Clicking above will take you to his photostream. Be sure to navigate to his set created for the shoot and view in the order he intended.

Los Angeles is a strange and wonderful place.

Near Point Mugu

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Near Point Mugu, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Yesterday I woke up early and got on the bus to Union Station where I caught the Coast Starlight train up to Oxnard to pick up the Benz.

It was a wonderful trip up through the Santa Susana pass and I was driving home on the Pacific Coast Highway by early afternoon.

I snapped some pics throughout the day which I've posted on Flickr. I've also haphazzardly added some other pics I've been meaning to publish since the early Spring.

1771449 1

1982 Mercedes-Benz: 300 Series Turbo Diesel Wagon

Ha ha ha ha! Got it for 12K so I am super happy. I've been hunting for these out of state for over a month now and it's nice to have finally landed one here in California.

She will be converted by Lovecraft to run SVO (straight vegetable oil) and WVO (waste vegetable oil - filtered) but until then I can get B99.99 at three local Westside service stations. Soon I will be off petrol (except for oil changes) for my transportation needs.

Right after posting this I am headed to Cafe Press for some BioFuel stickers I can't wait to slap onto my new Veggie Benzie. I feel like I am part of a new movement away from fossil fuels.

Great info here: Wikipedia entry on BioDiesel

And this is the page that convinced me to buy a diesel car: Car Talk Diesel Fuel Q & A

Interested in going Bio? I just used craigslist and eBay. Financing through Capital One.

I put a deposit down today and tomorrow I am riding the train up to Oxnard where Ed from Wady Motors will be picking me up in my new old car.

LA Bike Tour 2007

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This was a couple months back...

All is Well

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Finally the issue of free speech has been resolved with Digg.

Kevin Rose recently posted the following: Digg This: 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0

Despite the onerous comment left below by one of the admins, my account has be reinstated and I am back to trolling around Digg.

Yesterday was a historic day. It was amazing to be a part of and witness a community rise up and cause change in the name of a better world. It gives me hope for more important issues like Bush's blundering and the climate change crisis.

I'll try to post more relevant links and musings on politics and the environment. Lesson learned by many including myself.

I'm off to go work on a silly music video now. Should be fun.

What happened?

There was a story breaking yesterday about how the HD-DVD codec has been bypassed.

The story got its start back in February on Doom 9's DVD decryption forum.

I first noticed it on Reddit and I eventually dugg a story that was accumulating diggs at a rate I had never seen before. I think it got to 5000 diggs in a little over an hour. I got Cay to digg it because I can't stand DRM. I don't even have the technology to use HD-DVDs but I am interested because of the future fair use implications.

This morning I went to digg and wanted to see how many diggs that story got by now and I couldn't find it in any of their most popular lists. Then I checked out my digg list and noticed the story had been taken down. I didn't know that this was possible until now.

I wrote to digg's feedback email:


I dugg a story yesterday and it's not on my list anymore. What happened?

It was a very popular story and it was on the front page for hours.

Would love a good explanation.


A longtime Digger.

Nigel Stewart
Santa Monica, CA

I am now going to submit this to digg,, reddit, boing boing, and kottke.

UPDATE: As of noon today my "account has been disabled due to misuse." Holy crap I've never been BANNED from something before. Odd that it happens over a free speech issue.

Cool T-shirt that I might buy now.

UPDATE 2: Two cool articles have gone up very recently: Download Squad and cjmillstock.

UPDATE 3: Digg shovels shit. And responds.

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