Burbank Fire

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Fire on Barham Blvd., originally uploaded by unsure shot.

Photo above was found in Flickr's page for today's fire:


I was working on the Warner Brothers lot and around 1 o'clock one of my coworkers said there was a fire to the south of us. I walked out of the stage and saw a great column of smoke rising up into the sky as helicopters buzzed overhead.

We went back to work and when I emerged for lunch at 2:30 I saw flames on the hills above Forest Lawn Drive. Soot was falling from the sky. Security guards on the lot were wearing mask guards. I walked to the top of the Parking Lot A Structure where scores of other Warner Brothers workers were gawking and snapping pics. I saw some pretty significant surges of 30 foot flames and I could feel the heat of them from across the LA River.

It was surreal but in the end no significant harm done to my knowledge. Word is that a couple kids were playing with fireworks.

Wish i had a camera! Check out those Flickr pics, though, and you'll get a good sense of an event I'll never forget.

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