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I Found My Keys!!!

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Had another senior moment yesterday morning when I thought I lost my keys. I was thinking maybe I left them in the front door to our house which is right on the sidewalk in a busy neighborhood that can be populated by sketch. Could they have been stolen? I imagined a burglar making his way into our place and making off with my bike, our computers, and my cinema display.

I contemplated calling a locksmith and what a pain in that ass that would be. Luckily I held out thinking they'll turn up soon. In the late afternoon I picked up the kitchen apron I use when doing dishes and the familiar weight of my keychain felt wonderful.


Styles of Lacing

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Cay's YouTube Debut

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She's only in it at the top for a second but there she is!

Damn Good Song

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Heard this on KCRW the other morning and the DJ said it was an unreleased track:

Jose Gonzales playing a cover of Joy Division's classic "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

I don't feel so bad about finding it via Limewire and sharing this with all of you since it's so damn beautiful.

The track is a 192 kbps 4.2 Mb mp3. This will probably hurt my bandwidth quota but I'm doing it anyway. Here are the lyrics. Enjoy!

Oh and here's one more cool thing. Found via reddit via popurls.


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So the site went offline for 12 days after Dreamhost cut off traffic to my blog when I got too close to my monthly bandwidth quota of 337 GB.

What the heck is going on here?

Thanks to a free StatCounter survey I noticed that a bunch of my visitors were coming from Project Playlist. Looks like that's where the problem is so I need write a robots.txt file and make changes to the mod_rewrite on my server. What a bummer.

I'll do a new entry soon. For now it's off to work and then a lazy weekend of No Plans which is becoming my favorite kind.

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