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Uptown, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

I began scanning the NYC negs last week but I got held up when I ran out of compressed air.

Above is a teaser from an upcoming set that I'll be pretty happy with.

My Flickr Explore Pics

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My Flickr Explore Pics, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Ruffling my feathers.

My Recent Diggs

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Lazy post, I know. I don't have as much time as I normally do for blogging today. Enjoy:

What Can We Do With Flickr?

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What Can We Do With Flickr?, originally uploaded by cogdogblog.

Flickr is simply the best photo sharing site out there. Clicking above will take you to a photo page with notes and links that prove me right.

I plan on doing an extended entry on Flickr soon but for now this will do.

Rest in Peace, Tim Barry

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Tim Barry

I got an email newsletter today from the Cinematographers Guild of which I have been a proud member for over ten years.

The email informed me of the death of Tim Barry, a camera assistant I had the pleasure of working with over the years. He was very much like me - a surfer, a music lover, a film buff, and an avid reader. Tim was my operator when I moved up to my first union focus pulling job and he was very patient and forgiving of my bumbling and ineptitude. Thanks to Tim I gained the confidence I needed to succeed at what I do for a living. He was an extremely kind, loving, and generous man and his death has hit me hard.

Tim died at age 54 in the surf off Ventura while saving the life of a four year old girl. He held her above water after she was swept into the sea by a 12 foot rogue wave back on December 27th of last year. A surfer took the girl from him and got her to shore but Tim became a victim of the undertow and he didn't make it. What a sad, tragic loss.

The union sent me these links:


He will be missed. I'm going to the memorial service at our union on Saturday morning and I'm sure a ton of the membership will turn out to pay homage to a wonderful man.

Tim Barry was a true hero.

subway signs for sale, originally uploaded by The Cay.

I'm so happy to share with all of you Cay's pictures from NYC. She blasted away a ton of pics and has published her largest set ever:

Click here for her Just Plain Awesome Set of Pics

I'm picking up 13 rolls of film negative today and I'll begin my scanning marathon as soon as possible.

Looks like I'm switching to Cingular

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Apple has finally come up with the iPhone. Holy Fucking Shit. Goodbye, Verizon.

I've been day trading stocks lately and boy did I pick a winner with AAPL. I'll hold on until their earnings report which comes out on January 19th and then I'll dump it for awhile.

Hey come to my birthday party on the 20th:

Evite to Nigel's Sing-Along Karaoke Birthday Gitdown

Simon Rodia's Watts Towers

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Simon Rodia's Watts Towers, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Rode my bike to Watts Towers this morning with the LA Wheelmen. It was an easy 46 miler that was just awesome. Who knew there were so many wonderful Craftsmen style homes in South Central?

Cay's pics of Massachusetts

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the wind revealed, originally uploaded by The Cay.

Cay published a new album of pics that she took before Xmas in Salem, Brewster, and Boston, Massachusetts:

The album is here.

We'll have NYC pics up soon.

Back home in LA

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Cay and I got home Monday night after a mostly painless flight. JFK was a madhouse and I actually had to cut a line and reach across a podium to grab luggage tags from a completely disorganized Delta service crew. It's really good to be home.

The trip to Boston and New York were a complete success. I've got my fill of East Coast Energy for a while and it will carry me through the new year.

Other than a few camera phone pics I never blogged about our daily adventures in New York and I'd like to put it all down here for posterity. The following is a rough reminiscence of each day's events in NYC. They're taken from quickly drawn up notes and I have no intention of doing much editing since I'm exhausted.

Monday 12.25.2006 - Christmas Day

Arrival by train from Boston. Taxi ride from Penn Station to 11th Street and Avenue A in the East Village. 4th floor walk-up apartment that my buddy Ted sublets. Wandering empty streets of 1st and 2nd Avenues. Few businesses are open. Washington Square Park. Lunch at a mediocre barbeque joint on 8th. Eagles vs. Dallas game and Yuengling lager. Dinner @ Raj Mahal in Little India. Watched first half of Dr. Strangelove on VHS before sleep.

Tuesday 12.26.2006

Rain. Laundry on Avenue B. Shopping for towels and sheets on 14th street across from Stuveysant town. Lunch at a pizza joint on St. Mark's and 3rd Avenue. Meet my old friend Ben Shohan for many beers at McSorley's Old Ale House. Walk to Little Italy. Supper on Mulberry Street. Walk back to apartment. Hang there talking particle physics and showing Ben our Flickr pages. Roof for the 360 degree views. Drinks at Odessa. Broken Social Scene was playing. Bartender from Boulder. Mars Volta and we are outa there. Dinner at a French Bistro on 2nd Avenue. Beef Bourgaineax, lemon chicken, more Yuengling. Home for sake and the rest of Dr. Strangelove.

Wednesday 12.27.2006

Woke up with Ben. Walk to Union Square. Breakfast at The Coffee Shop. Walk to Flatiron building on 23rd Street. Subway to Bowling Green. Meet with LA friends Marc and Deanna Petersen for a walking tour with James of walknyc.com. Battery Park. Wall Street. U.S. Custom House. Stock Exchange. Trinity Church. Liberty Square. Hot dogs by the World Trade Center site. Beer on Stone Street at Ulysees' pub. Uptown train home. Disappointing Children of Men screening at 6pm. Ukrainian dinner on Avenue A.

Thursday 12.28.2006

We take the A train to Harlem. James Brown at the Apollo lying in repose. White horse carriage. Thousands turn out. Soul food lunch at Sylvia's. Train to Columbus Circle. Walk through Central Park. Lexington Avenue subway home. Noodles on St. Mark's at Zen. Taxi to West Village. Doctor White and the All Star Liberty New Orleans Jazz Band @ The Village Vanguard. Meet Christine from Sydney, Australia who was very nice. Great show. Packed. Sleeping Japanese women and rude out of towners talking during the show. Walked home through the Village.

Friday 12.29.2006

Out of the apartment by 10:00 am. 6 train to Brooklyn Bridge. Walk across Brooklyn Bridge. Lunch at a deli in Brooklyn Heights. Train to Brooklyn Museum. Walton Ford. Annie Liebovitz. And my fave Ron Mueck. A walk through Prospect Park. Q train to Coney Island. Tasted the Atlantic. Nathan's hot dogs!!! Q then B train back into city. Watched Annie Hall. Best dinner of the trip at La Palapa.

Saturday 12.30.2006

L Train to 8th Avenue. Tour the Meatpacking district. Chelsea. Hudson River pier. Lunch at Empire Diner. Walk uptown all the way to NYC Library. Meet my cousins Desi, Chuck, and Pilar at MOMA. Crowded. Paintings. Sculpture. Chuck Close. New Photography 2006. Barbara Probst was cool. Cab to Desi's @ 34th and 2nd. Gorgeous 30th floor apartment with views of East River. Dinner at Desi's where I see my other cousin Pia. Cab to Rose Science Center/ Hayden Planetarium just before closing. C train to Astor Place. Pizza from Five Roses on 2nd Avenue and 11th. Home for pizza, wine, and Jerry Maguire.

Sunday 12.31.2006 - New Year's Eve

Walk to West Village along Waverly. Guinness on Christopher Street near Stonewall at a bar called Kettle of Fish. Meet our friend Erica Beier on Greenwich Avenue. Chumley's for Bloody Mary's. Comped Pear Champagne. Sleeping Dogs. Speakeasy. Commie stronghold. Writer's den. Now have a new favorite place. We see Edna St. Vincent Millay's narrow house. Walk to Spotted Pig (Mario Battali joint) for more drinks. We meet Erica's new boyfriend Hani. Cab back to apartment. Roof for nightime color slide Yashica pics. Cab to NYC library. Grand Central Station. Pre-New Year's Madness. Past tight security to Marc Petersen's sister's office building @ 43rd and Broadway overlooking Times Square from 5 stories up. A million people. Incredible views. We see performances by The Jersey Boys. My Chemical Romance. ____ Flats. Three Six Mafia. Toni Braxton. Christina Aguilerra. The ball drops. Balloons. Scarves. Hats. Auld lang syne. Confetti. Midnight madness. Great QTVR is here where you can see our floor with silhouettes above the 6 bands of pink light over Christina Aguilera's left shoulder. Then the cleanup. Walk to Lexington. Cab to apartment. Crash hard at 2:00 am.

Monday 1.1.2007 - New Year's Day

Laundry for the apartment. A chicken gyro from a street vendor. More rain. Browse a website with video of the world's New Year's celebrations. Clean the apartment. One last drink at Life Cafe on Tompkins Square Park. Taxi to JFK.

So there it is. Thanks for bearing witness. We'll have pics up soon.

Great New York Story

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I am writing an extended blog entry on the visit to NYC but to tide my readers over until I finish it, I offer this:

A Man Down, a Train Arriving, and a Stranger Makes a Choice

It's a rss feed from the NYT found via reddit via popurls.

Those of you using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 will not be able to read the page linked above. Upgrade to version 7 or better yet stop using Explorer and jump to Firefox version 2, please. Being able to browse rss feeds will become more and more important as the Internets evolve. Thanks to rss, the NYT story can be read without having to login to the site. And to those of you using Safari, I commend thee.

This is awesome

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Found while digging.

2007 is here. W00t!

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2007 is here. W00t!, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Happy New Year!

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