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I've been riding the bike almost every day for the past couple of weeks and yesterday I went on a 60 mile ride from home to the Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park and back.

I mapped out my ride on bikely.com:


Be sure to take the ride along with me using the Google Map features we all know and love.

Some highlights:

At mile 3 there's a stop sign for cars bearing right from Ocean turning onto San Vicente to go north. A bike lane runs all along this route so it's super friendly. I breezed through this stop sign since there was zero traffic that I could see and it was perfectly safe. I heard a loud honk from behind me and moments later a super angry woman in a black Suburban pulls along side me to give me a piece of her mind:

"Stop signs are for you, too!" she seethed at me as she rolled down her tinted window and adjusted her bluetooth headset. She was tiny. Mediterranean. Black hair in a bob. Dark sunglasses. Maybe she was a cop or was involved in an accident once. I just nodded, shrugged my shoulders, and said "Okay." She accelerated up San Vicente in her 14 mile per gallon behemoth and I was shaken up just a little. To me this was like yelling at someone for jaywalking. Ah well, on with the ride.

I had a blast all through Santa Monica, Brentwood, West LA, Century City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Nichols Canyon, the Hollywood Hills, Mulholland, Cahuenga Pass, Burbank, Griffith Park, and Exposition Park. I watched Police Academy recruits fire their 9mm's at a target range below me as I sat on Elysian Park Road. It was surreal to hear the pops of their guns as I stood on a serene road surrounded by palms, eucalyptus, and crisp December air given a reprieve from the Santa Anas.

On my way past Dodger Stadium on a road called N Boylston Street I was coming down a hill not really knowing where it led and hoping it would drop me down to Sunset. I was 35 miles into the ride and wanting to stop for lunch downtown. I could see two dogs in the street in what looked like a cul-de-sac. They were medium sized retriever mutts and they didn't really notice me until I was about twenty yards away.

I was traveling a bit slow because I wasn't sure if a road led off the street. As the dogs were coming at me barking, I could see a road dropping down and to the left so I made for it as I yelled at the dogs "No!" They were acting aggressively and I was able to shout off the dog to my right but I didn't see the other dog behind me and to my left. I felt his teeth bite into the front and left side of my left calf. I screamed "OW!" pretty loud and I heard the owner from a yard to my left yelling at his dogs to stop. I accelerated away down the hill screaming and cursing at the dogs, the owner, and life in general.

I took a quick peek and saw two bite marks that were bleeding but not too badly. I found Sunset and made my way downtown where I knew there had to be a fire station I could drop in on. Sure enough a nice lady walking up Hope Street near Disney Hall told me about the Division One station at Temple and Freemont. The firemen there were only too happy to help me out by cleaning up the wound and sending me on my way.

I rode to downtown where I sat at California Plaza on Grand Avenue for my lunch which was a carne asada burrito bought from a roach coach along with a bottle of horchata. I got some great looks from all the office workers not accustomed to seeing a road biker in their midst.

Took Pico and Venice Boulevard home and collapsed on the couch. It was a nice little adventure. Wish I had a camera.

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