Two debutantes

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I attended the coming out 18th birthday party of my cousin Pilucci Franco's daughter Kika at the Sheraton in Universal City this past weekend. I took a bunch of photos and had a great time being entertained by the well rehearsed kids who put on a huge dance show with a couple costume changes. It was a grand affair with hundreds of Flips I was semi-related to. Also got to see my cousin Cindy and her hubby Paul who are cool peeps.

There's a YouTube promo here for the event:

Here's the link to the set of pictures I posted up on Flickr:

Cay couldn't be there since she had homecoming at Brentwood that night. In honor of Kika and Pilucci, she brought home a portrait of her taken during her debutante cottillion just before her 18th birthday.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Just About Barely Legal Cay:

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