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Had a nice brunch with friends on Sunday.

Just too awesome

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This had my azz crackin'.

Cats at Kontraband. Even you cat haters out there gots to have Props.  Found via  digg.

Firefox 2.0 is out

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I've had it running on the G5 and the MBP and it does feel a little bit snappier.  The new nav features are tight and it works with most of my plugins.

Highly recommended.  Get it here.

Habeus Corpus is gone

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First Annual Detour Music Festival 2006

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Downtown is Awake, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

A couple months ago our friend Mandy called us from San Diego and told us she'd like to come up to LA for the Detour Music Festival. We couldn't say no.

It was a blast. We got to downtown in the late afternoon this past Saturday and had a whirlwind 24 hours.

The first thing we did after checking into the New Otani @ First and Los Angeles was get some bacon wrapped hot dogs . These dogs are sold illegally on street corners downtown and in some other parts of LA. For two bucks you get an unforgettable meal. I dare say it rivals Manhattan and Chicago.

We met up with our friend Pete who lives in a loft in the old Pacific Gas and Electric building and headed into the festival near six pm. Six city blocks were closed off in the area around City Hall (pictured above). There were four stages and the old Saint Vibiana's Church was converted into a chill out dance club with DJs spinning into the night.

There was no big shakedown at the ticket gate and kids were coming in with their skateboards. It was a very friendly crowd and the promoters did a great job of putting on a fantastic show. My favorite thing about the fest was the fact that you could walk around with beer or cocktails throughout the entire grounds. At Coachellla you are penned into beer gardens if you want to drink with friends.

The bands were great. We saw the entire Basement Jaxx show and it was phenomenal. Beck was the headliner and his show couldn't have been better. We caught glimpses of Blonde Redhead, Redd Kross, Nortec Collective, and !!! (Chick! Chick! Chick!).

We left the fest at 11:00 pm (too tired for Queens of the Stone Age) and had a spectacular meal in Little Tokyo which was just a few blocks east of downtown. Got into bed by two and were up on Sunday morning by ten for exploring Chinatown, Union Station, and Olvera Street. We also fit in a quick visit to Phillipe.

Downtown is really coming up. Love the 213. Set of pics is here.

Okay Muslims have to Chill

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Saw this blog post on tuaw.com and I'm flippin' out.

Dialogue seems impossible with such fanatics.  Yet another reason to get the f*** out of the Middle East.

Whatever happens with the upcoming midterm elections, I hope that there is a change in our foreign policy that reflects  a better view of the world, a more realistic world.  The next decade will be one of Upheaval. Good luck everybody.

On location with 2.5 Men

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Leo Carrillo, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Our crew worked at Leo Carrillo State Beach north of Malibu near the county line tonight. It's the first time the company has travelled off the Warner Brothers lot in three years.

It was a blast. I shot a bunch of pics and I'll be editing and throwing them up on Flickr as soon as I can. Psst don't tell WB Legal.

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