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Space Explorer has Flickr pics

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MYBEDROOMVIEW.jpg, originally uploaded by Space Explorer.

So these are just awesome.


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Cay was riding her fairly new Arbor Blunt up the Ashland Walk toward home when the board went out from under her and she went down hard onto her right wrist.

An ortho guy in the ER "reduced" the fracture and she'll be seeing a specialist this week about whether or not she will need surgery.

The hits keep coming. I guess we were due after such a long stretch of good karma.

I'll Follow You into the Dark

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Death Cab For Cutie finds a way to say how I'm feeling about the Brode.

This is one of my favorite videos of all time. Just fuckin' beautiful.

Rest In Peace Brody

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Cay and I were happy and proud to have Brody in our life.

He was family.

He was sweet and playful.

He gave us many hours of love and companionship.

He enriched our lives and made us laugh every day.

After a long ordeal his suffering has ended and we had him put to sleep on Saturday afternoon.

It's been a rollercoaster.

His names:

Brody - Named by Cay after Chief Brody's character in Jaws
Eeshum Uh Leesher Deesh(er)
Dish Dish
Deesh Deesh
Shumm Shumm
Brodo Toe (after Brodoteau in Amelie)
Shummy Lumm(y) or (er)
Eeshum Uh Leemy (Deemy)
Broda Leesher Deesh
Shum Oh
The Bad Son
Brody Oh De Loh Dee Doh (Dee Doh... and so on)
Belly Eeshum
Eesher Deesher
Eeshumma Lummy
Eeshum (Leeshum) Deeshum
The Belly
Broda Dumb Dumb
Super Brode Brode Super Brode Brode
Doctor Emil Shaffhausen
Wide Load Brode

Here's a video I posted awhile back: vacuuming the brode

The day we moved into our Santa Monica house I thought I lost him. He was just hiding well. Here's some vid of me taking down the "Lost Cat" signs in our hood.

A couple pictures of Brody and his brother Hooper are on the .mac site here.

I have more pics of the cats up on Flickr of course.

Thanks ahead for your condolences. He will be missed. I'll especially miss Cay's call for him at night when she would belt out at the top of her lungs "Brooooooooooooooooodeee."

Linux Is Our Future

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Holy Crap this is AMAZING.

read more | digg story

Too Frickin' Funny

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Jon Stewart is a God.

Keith Olbermann is the shiznit

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Big Day for Apple

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showtime, originally uploaded by Stuart Frisby.

Can't wait to see what they are going to put out. What a great company. Maybe I'll get a part-time job with them since I only have one show this year.

Of all the rumour sites I've been haunting, I've found this tuaw entry to be spot on. Even if it's 50% true I'll be stoked.

Live event coverage is here : macrumorslive

The Best 9/11 Memorial I've Seen Today

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We've been saturated by 9/11 remembrances and the best I've seen is this unedited video shot by a family who lives just five blocks away.

This footage has never been released until today.

September 11, 2001: What We Saw

found via digg via popurls.

Labor Day on Oceanfront Walk

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abs of steel, originally uploaded by The Cay.

Cay and I walked around Venice last Monday and she got some great shots like the one above.

The whole set is here.

Wish I had her flair for composition and timing. She has become an excellent photographer.

Steve Irwin's passing

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Kinda amateur but it's still a nice vid tribute.


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Retro fun.  Arrow keys and space bar will buy you hours of fun.

I can never get past like 35K.

Burger and Fries

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