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My posts tend to be short.  In an attempt to mix things up and keep things interesting here at the org, I'll use Performancing For Firefox to drag and drop content and see what happens.

I've been using Ecto for publishing this site but recently I've been down with the PFF.

My morning browse begins with my homepage, a Personalized Google Portal. Screenshot is here. You have to login to Flickr if you want to see the 1916 x 1173 original.

It's got the NYT, digg, slashdot, popular, and reddit laid out with local weather, a word of the day, quote of the day, some stock info, and my gmail.

Here are the links that are grabbing my attention: Way cool look at the future of Mac OS X
Palm to Unveil New Treo Model Next Month No P Model?
Half Life 2 QTVR Panoramas Nice work. I'm only halfway through Episode One. I don't want to finish it since it's so gorgeous. Make sure you hit "click to view" links underneath the thumbnails.
The Internet Makes You Stupid Whoa. I am dying here. AOL search histories. Make sure you make it through all eight pages. Nice interactive guide to NYC parking garage rates. Very Web 2.0 with Flash and GoogleMaps combined. This is what the web is meant for.
When The Levees Broke Spike Lee's HBO documentary series premieres tonight. Definite Tivo.

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