Help This Guy Find His Chicken Car

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Logged onto Flickr today and saw a new comment posted to the pic featured above. Click on the pic to be taken to the photo page.

Here is what Steve Cantin wrote to me:

My name is Steve Cantin and I built this chicken car.
I had it taken to LA to be in a movie and it was impounded for being in a no parking zone.
The race car driver Tommy Kendall bought it at an auction that was held 2 days before it was supposed top be held and the guy that had borrowed it from me for the movie said he was on his way over to pay the fine and found out it was gone.
It took me weeks to find out who had it and since then I met with Tommy Kendall at one of his races.
I have other cars designed and we have discussed creating the Critter Car Limo Rental Business in the future.
I haven't been able to get in touch with Tommy Kendall and I need to speak with him.
Please pass this around the internet and maybe it will get back to him and he can call me at 614-206-4073 or email me at
You should also check out and for my other new productions. Great innovative products from the man that invented the chicken car and yes it does cluck--I created the recording!:)

Some searching has turned up these pics:

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Even more pics can be found here: and

I did some cursory google searches for the racecar driver Tommy Kendall and it turns out he's quite a presence in the racing world. He's even working as a commentator for races on CBS, Speed, ESPN, and Spike TV. Hopefully someone out there can let Tommy know about Steve wanting the chicken car back. Let's hope this story has a happy ending.

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