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Yes I'm still here. Still swimming through the sea of life. (Cay and I often remind each other to "Just keep swimming" a la Dorie in Pixar's Finding Nemo.)

The last few weeks have been recovery time for me. The cut above my left eye is healing nicely and the colloidal cyst turned out to be non-existent. I have a new lease on life. I've been training easy for a few upcoming triathlons, digging on the World Cup, watching every stage of the Tour de France (Thank you, Tivo), catching up on reading, and doing some home improvement.

Cay and I have decided not to do any travelling this summer. One of our two cats, Brody, has been suffering from a mycobacterial infection since November 2005 and it just keeps getting worse. He's gone through a couple surgeries and has been on a brutal campaign of anti-biotics. There are three large growths on his nose and they are not responding to treatment. He labors to breathe and it is so sad to see him struggling. We are sticking around to help him through this as much as we can. The prospects are not good.

We hope to get out of LA for some day trips before I go back to work in the first week of August. We managed to fit in a couple days of phenomenal longboarding down in San Onofre a couple weeks back. Cay has a set up on Flickr that she shot during our time in the OC. The week before that we were in Colorado for a weekend for a friend's wedding. There's a Flickr set of Boulder on Cay's site here.

I'm hoping to publish pics from Hendo's wedding soon. I shot several hundred and I have to whittle it down.

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