Summer Solstice 2006

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I'm always upbeat on the longest day of the year. According to my Tidelog it doesn't get dark here in LA until 9:12 p.m. Tomorrow the days begin to get shorter but summer will be with us until September 22. I'm looking forward to ocean swimming and surfing without a wetsuit for the next three or four months.

The head injury is doing well. I had stitches taken out and the scar is getting smaller each and every day. I saw a neurologist yesterday and today I'm having my first MRI which should be an interesting experience. I'll bring my point and shoot and maybe snap a few pics for my Flickr site.

One of the reasons I publish this blog is to share interesting links with my readers. Lately I've just been bookmarking like crazy using and digg:

Digg is @ and is of course @

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