15 stitches

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Last Saturday night as I was packing for my Sunday morning flight to Philadelphia I fell in our bathroom and split my forehead open on our sunken tub. Cay has a few grisly pics on her Flickr site. Not for the squeamish.

Cay took me to the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center ER where a young Dr. McCain stitched me up nicely. It's a y-shaped scar right above my left eyebrow. What a klutz I am.

They did a CATSCAN and on Tuesday I got a phone call from a Doctor Ghurabi saying I have a 2.5mm colloidal cyst in the 3rd ventricle of my inner brain that is non-cancerous and incidental. A benign tumor. It has nothing to do with the head injury. Who knows how long it's been there? I see a neurologist next week and he/she will probably be doing an MRI. Cay has been thoroughly researching colloid cysts and I'm confident it won't effect me. My dad has one and they are fairly common. Possibly heritable.

So my trip to Philly has been put on indefinite hold and Cay is off school as of this afternoon. I'm on a wait and see basis right now as far as plans for the rest of the summer go. I would still love to do a couple triathlons in the early fall especially since I bought a new bike at the beginning of June. I found a Merlin Proteus full Campagnolo Record with Ksyrium SL wheels at I. Martin in Beverly Hills. It's an incredible bike. I feel like a pro riding this thing. I can't believe I've been competing with the old steel framed Panasonic that I rode for twenty years.

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