My second install of Boot Camp RRRRRRRRRRRRR

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So two days ago was my last day to activate the Windows XP SP2 Home Edition I installed thanks to my friend Kathleen. I had thirty days of pure fps gaming joy. When it came time to pay the piper, I headed over to Kathleen's and got some Product Key numbers but Ebu in India told me that you can't license one copy of Windows on two different PCs.

As a Mac user this was a mystery to me and so I thought oh well I guess that is the universe's way of telling me that it was time for me to jump into Linux and learn Wine.

While doing a cursory bit of research yesterday after my license expired, I found out that most installs of Linux don't allow for dual monitor setups so right away I was put off. I started prowling Bittorrent sites for pirate copies of XP or Product Key numbers. There was no way in hell I was gonna shell out two hunjee for piece of shit software that requires more maintenance and care than its worth. Bill Gates can suck my bandwidth.

Luckily I found a nice torrent on demonoid that featured a VLK education version that circumvents activation. Setup is copying files as I write this. Now all I have to do is download Steam again and reinstall Oblivion. Oh no! I just realized I lost my Oblivion character! Oh Willard! Thou art lost forever. :(

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