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Ed Forsyth is a great guy I work with who is riding 585 miles in 7 days from SF to LA with AIDS/Lifecyle 5. He's keeping a great blog about cycling that inspires me every time I check it out.

My chiropractor Ira Schneider who is one of the coolest mfs I know is also riding. His page is here.

One of my goals this summer is to be able to ride a Century. I will probably have to join up with an organized group of riders which is something I've never done before. Reading about the training necessary for the undertaking has left me with awe at the distances and climbing required. I usually stay on the Westside riding the flat Bike Paths with occasional forays into the hills around Mandeville Canyon. I've ridden to downtown and back a few times, too.

I promised myself that after Cay and I saw our accountant I would make the decision about how much money I could spend on a bike. The news was good this year thanks to 2005 being the first year we had the mortgage interest working for us as a deduction for 12 months. This means I get to go out and Buy a Bike this summer.

I've been advised to try as many bikes and shops as I can before plunking down the kale. I intend to use the week of May 20 - 27 to test ride as many bikes as I can and then I'm going to buy a New Bike by June 1, 2006. I'm a Happy Monkey.

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