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2nd and Los Angeles, originally uploaded by Nigel Stewart.

Went downtown to visit with my buddy Pete Johnson and his gal Jenni who have moved into a loft in the old Pacific Electric buidling @ 6th and Main.

It's amazing how gentrified the Historic Core has become. The last time I went down there was for a shoot on NYPD Blue and the whole area was a mess.

We'll be visiting our friends down there for many times to come. Little Tokyo is right there. Charlie O's. Pershing Square. Central Library. MOCA. The Gopher. Old bank buildings. Cole's. Grand Central Market. Angel's Flight. The Bradbury. The Biltmore. The Standard. Staples Center. Koreatown. LA River. Not a cornfield. What a great slice of life that is being nurtured by the new city government under Villaraigosa.

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