Bittorrent for Mac {redux}

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I posted about this before on my 2nd blog, kaleidoscopic lemming, but recently I've had friends who are Mac OS X users ask me about BitTorrent. I couldn't find the old article online so I'm writing a new one:

BitTorrent is a great way to share large files with a community.

The official site is here:
Wikipedia article is here:
Good FAQ is here:
Bulletin board with torrent site links is here:
My personal favorite torrent sites are:,,

A couple other clients you could use include Azureus and Bits on Wheels. I personally use the latest Bits on Wheels for its cool interface. Make sure you regulate your upload speeds for optimal performance. I usually turn off torrents during the day and start them overnight for the multi-day downloads of 1GB or more.

PC users I'm not sure what clients are out there for you but I'm sure this wiki will do you right. Another wiki comparing the clients on a nice chart is here.

If you're using pirated software you should use an application called Little Snitch which will prevent software from calling up its vendor to check serial numbers.

Little Snitch is here:

Speaking of serial numbers, I always download the latest Serial Box from any of the above torrent sites.

You might find the latest Serial Box here:

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